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Summaries of

Changes from Pine 3.94 to 3.95


   - new-version-threshold


   - 8bitmime vs. failed ESMTP negotiation
   - Broken 8bit news posting
   - Occasional MIME decoding failures
   - Password/host pair caching vs. null userid
   - Occasional Mailcap test false-negative results
   - Help in "About Attachment" screen wedge
   - Confused display of multipart/alternative
   - Suppression of control chars in new mail status message
   - Posting hangs or attachment corruption under HP-UX 10
   - Second print/pipe hang under SCO
   - AIX 4.1 port cleanup
   - crashes: associated with the Bounce command
   - crash: "-create_lu" vs. relative path names
   - crash: file browser delete when called from Export command
   - crash: ^L or new mail arrival during "Quit?" prompt
   - TAB command failure when Incoming folders lacked logical names
   - Reduced redrawing after ^X and prior to "Send?" prompt
   - Mishandled undef'd environment vars in pine.conf
   - Botched operating dir path handed upload command
   - Improved support for 'copiousoutput' mailcap entries
   - PC-Pine: tool bar vs. function key mode fixed
   - PC-Pine: Main Menu help text wedge
   - PC-Pine: new mail vs. taskbar icon
   - PC-Pine: improvements to cut vs. paste vs. selected text

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