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Summaries of

Changes from Pine 3.93 to 3.94


 o enable-background-sending    (EXPERIMENTAL!!!!)
 o enable-goto-in-file-browser
 o print-includes-from-line

 o disable-busy-alarm            (hidden feature; for debugging)
 o disable-default-in-bug-report (hidden feature; for sysadmins)
 o save-aggregates-imap-copy     (hidden feature; for future use)

 o A new option for saved-msg-name-rule
 o Setting empty-header-message="" suppresses Undisclosed Recipients:;
 o X-Sender header changed to X-X-Sender
 o Printing folder index now includes folder name
 o ESC ESC SPACE now works as alternate for Control-SPACE (Mark cmd)



  CRASH: in composer ^R^T if file mounted from Netware NFS server
  CRASH on send; dump sent  (jwong)
  CRASH on ^C after TAB name completion 
  CRASH: ^R, foo/bar TAB ENTER -> boom  (LS0CO) (3.92)
  CRASH: Take on Undisclosed Recip.  --Only on Ultrix (Wall)
  CRASH: Addrbook add-then-delete-with-empty-addr
  3.93 still dumps core with -create_lu under Solaris 2.4 gcc (Giannetto)
  SEGV deleting addrbook entry with no address (David Nugent, 5/20)
  HANG: 3.93 hangs reading a problem attachment (DWall, 29Mar)
  HANG: upon compose or reply <>, (MS1CB)
  HANG: after subshell, post, display-filter on sgi/hpp/lnx

SENDING BUGS: doesn't work (YV3WX)
  LCC sez "Undisclosed recipients" QNA 25199 (Thomas)
  Undisclosed Recipients: ; sent even if there is a real To: (Gering)
     * If sendmail-path was set, this happened (in 3.93, not 3.92).
  Undisclosed Recipients: ; vs. sendmail -t  (  )
     * Sendmail bounces back error msg about the To line, unless
     * is configured to handle it well.
     * Can turn it off now by setting empty-header-message to Empty Value.
  Lcc doesn't work if sendmail-path is set.  (hubert)
     * We weren't converting the Lcc header to a Bcc header.
  Sending errors:  UI for handling invalid addresses, esp. with lists
	-unable to see/act on error message
	-require confirmation by user?
	-look into interface to correct errors during SMTP dialog?
  Should smtp-server=localhost become the default?
     * improved error feedback when default sendmail path is wrong.
     * it's believed this is better than "localhost not found" or
     * connection refused.  Changed linux default to /usr/sbin.
  Solaris background post exit


  ttyin.c ESC sequence handling bug (Brudenell, 19Apr) (W04WP)
  VT-100 display problems 3.92/3 vs. 3.91  (Don Miller)
  ViewMsg: After saving a msg, DEL doesn't show w/o a ^L (HA4FM)(5C6IZ)
  Msg View: Save's DEL not written if last message in folder (Ramey)
  Function keys/PgUp/PgDn -> Pine locks up (Rick Rankin)
  Pine on IRIX locks up when Insert key hit... until press "z" (0C8T2)
  PgUp/PgDn in aixterm cause Pine to freeze (SW60L)
  Most of keymenu disappears when moving cursor to hdr (051RY)
  DEL marker not shown after Save (oshrin)
  BS key works in headers, not body.  ^H works in both.  Linux (7G4IS)
  ESC-ESC-Space should work like Control-Space (ASCII NULL)
  Keyboard locked, but suspend still works! (ramey, others)
  New mail arrival while in composer trashes keymenu
	* Fixed to defer sort while in composer
  Compose-maps-ctld-to-delete doesn't work in headers (Solnicky IG9Y8)
  Control-chars in header fields not filtered
  Folder List: names disappear (BSD)  (CV85X)
  Brownlee: pico newmail arrival often clearing keymenu lines
  Resize in composer makes Subject disappear (in 3.93, too) (Johan Holmberg)


  IBM RT running AOS (Dan Cross)
  Fix for bs2 port (Mastaler, 23Apr)
  OS/2 diffs for 3.93.1 (nugent)
  ASV changes (rice)
  New DPX port
  SCO rename() changes (rice)


  8BITMIME broken (Solnicky)
  8BITMIME broken if > 3000 chars and > 30% 8bit (bb)
  Problem with postscript attachments (Zenker)
  Text attachments vs. 8bitmime negotiation vs. enbinary text
	* recoded (simplified) CTE:8bit setting code
  Application/PDF magic prefix classification missing (Johan Holmberg)


  Empty newsgroup titlebar "-1 of 1" (mrc)
  News: cruisemode skips every other message (Southwell, pine-info)


  Double click doesn't work right in address book screen. (BB)
  Addrbook entry with fcc but no addresses does not work with bounce. (dlm)
  Addrbook fcc of "" should probably cause no fcc.
  Addrbook lookup by addr broken if fullname in addr field.
  AddrBk edit: another complaint that ^X/N doesn't exit (LI1MR)
     * Added status message telling them to use ^C.
  Can't create addrbook entry in empty addrbook


  smtp-server="" in pine.conf doesn't propagate as empty value (9T67KK)
  Config: search to saved-msg-name-rule, Exit doesn't work. (hubert)
  Config: search to "option", Exit -> core dump (Joe Brennan)
  Enable-incoming-folders oughta say something about taking effect next time.
  View-Headers: changes require restarting, but there's no warning (Y777J)


  passwd caching alg. got worse since 3.91 (Cummins) Not just PC!
  Attach Save: ^T prepends a forward slash
  mimetypes entry for bmp ignored (220O0) (Elliott)
  remote address books read-only (Oren, Will)
  About window has old version number
  mouse selection fails to acct for width of toolbar
  ctl-6 and ctl-shift-6 don't work the same (BarryL)
  Garrett: big screen painting problem
  rename/delete of open files in adrbklib.c
  ^X "Send" in address book view
  AltGr use confuses windows input code (pekka)
  x-sender using wrong stream mailbox: "anon@docserver"
  mailcap vs. word files (778JD)
  selecting large block of text in compose -> crash (Paul Taylor)
  DOS: files left open (nugent)
  ISO_TO_CP & CP_TO_ISO env vars under windows needed (bouwsma)
  latin-2 DOS code page translation tables (bouwsma)


  Auto-unselect-after-apply: shouldn't do it if you ^C out (Simon)
  Progress counter on Attach Save doesn't match real time (OT2US)
  Print folder index: wants folder name included (Ramey)
  Contrib: add script to create global addrbk (5 Apr, pine-sugg)
  Pilot will not display text files w/lines >128 chars (Brownlee)
  .sent-mail folder: Pine claims it doesn't exist when it does (P66TV)
  Apply/Save no longer preserves sorted order in destination (various)
  "Serious bug in mbox writing code" (Weiner  JJ3YQ)
  fcc-name-rule=current-folder or last-folder-used don't work (Y71JD).
  fix phile.c phile_open to alloc buf with space for terminating 0
  Bug (ID NL0SU): Can't create mailbox #mh/notexisting (Xander)
  Attachment Save percentage calculator broken (saving lori's help text)
  PgDn at bottom of msg deletes it in OS/2 (David Nugent, 5/18)
  Open files not closed in filter.c (DOS,OS/2) (David Nugent, 5/20)
  Vio window size flag for OS/2 only (David Nugent, 5/20)
  Contrib'd unixware icons (rice)
  file name completion should append directory delimiter
  Folder List: can't add a preexisting Incoming Folder (EricH)
  Pico over-quota problem      * implemented null-append trial
  Pico doesn't catch SIGWINCH (on Sun, anyway) (Hazel 1/23/95)
  IFDEF to turn off flock locking and check for failure to create lock file
  imapd: record reason for all terminations in syslog
  Change X-Sender --> X-X-Sender because of new listserv madness
  Release notes: add text on X-Authentication-Warning
  Order of saved msgs differs between COPY and APPEND
  Saved-msg-name-rule behavior with fcc-of-sender changed (Don Miller)
  Allow entering a directory name at filename prompt via ^T (Charlie Brady)

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