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Summaries of

Changes from Pine 3.92 to 3.93


   scroll-margin variable to control paging behavior
   empty-header-message variable to override "Undisclosed recipients"
   expanded-view-of-distribution-lists feature
   Help text additions/corrections
Pine 3.93 is primarily a bug-fix release, based on usage reports of 3.92:

Bugs that caused "crashes":

    Compose/^T/multiple select (XI7QJ)
    Adding addr to a list (Sylvia Kantor) -extraneous data in addrbk
    While sending (icon@homer)  icon.core
    Edit addrbk entry if only nickname set (CG00H), bassman@u, Lowe
    Forwarding news article (Y777J)  STACK TRACE INCLUDED
    After seeing "Sending |  100%  |"  <> CORE
    Creating (PATCH to signals.c provided) (
    "bad msgno in mail_fetchstructure" (PL2NK)  CORE and FOLDER
    When multiple pines write the addrbook (BB)
    Decode_fullname_of_addrstring can't handle null string "" args
        this came up in a list that had ",,," preceding the list entries
    Compose/^T/list mode select several, then S, then boom  (TI1OH)
       Probably fixed by 1522 fixes
    When ^T to add address (Tyson Whitcomb)
       Probably fixed by 1522 fixes
    Edit addrbk entry for dist. list entry V -> crash (Morrison)
       Probably fixed by 1522 fixes (asked for abook that reproduces)
    When messing with multiple abooks (BB).

Bugs that caused loops:

    Under OSF1  -not heeding read failure in getchar_for_kbseq()
    Patch provided for ttyin.c <>
    Grinders reported by Ken L. (one fixed, one insufficient data)

Build problems:

    SunOS/GCC build patches (Brendan Kehoe)
    BSDI build patches (Jason R. Mastaler) (Rich Wales)
    HP/UX build problems (Andrew Mansfield)
    Pilot binary not removed by "build clean"  (Y71JD)

Text or Message bugs:

    Improve newsgroup subscription prompt 
    Lcc: blah, blah, blah in help.
    Bounce multiple messages prompt says message instead of messages.
    Custom print Y/C/^G   -> help text missing (2B1X2 Brudenell)
    [Can not display this part. Use the "V" command to save in a file]
    -> [Can not display this part. Press "V" then "S" to save in a file]
    Typo: "Fetching newsgoup list"
    Spelling: pine/other.c "MacIntosh" should be "Macintosh" (FE7Z4 Brudenell)
    PATCH for man page (
    Help text for selecting news groups for subscribing is wrong (U17E3)
    Help text for selecting news group for posting is wrong, too.
    Addrbook: show helpful message when S, Z pressed to ease transition
    Add/Improve explanatory text in the addrbook editor screen

8BIT and MIME bugs:

    8bit: "Bad sorting of .addressbook"  (V. Solnicky  TV4IG)
    8bit: PATCH for pasting 8bit chars (Pekka Kytolaakso)
    8bit: WhereIs vs. case-independent match of 8bit chars
    8bit: Addrbk sorting separates 7 and 8bit names (Mattias Ellert)
    8bit: Msg with >1000 8bit chars gets B-64 encoded, even if 8BITMIME (BB )
    8bit: Address book entry doesn't display properly  (Vladimir Solnicky)
    Q-P bug: "A lonely '.' should always be QP'd..."  (Johan Holmberg C01IL)

NEWS related bugs:

    News subscribe substring behavior is confusing to some. (Revised prompt)
    Hard to sub to newsgroup whose name is a subset of others (XI5OD)
    PATCH for nntp server "leafnode"  (Arne Riiber YR5PA)
    News authentication problems
    Exit news subscribe should ask for confirmation (BB)
    ListMode news subscribing should confirm exit if some selected.
    Folder screen mouse no work in "news" or last collection?
    Double-clicking on item in news subscribe list should select it (BB)

Address bugs:

    Fix addrbook editor display bug.
    Create_lu option didn't work because it was trying to draw cancel keymenu.
    Addrbook: global /usr/groups/cluster/abooks/red shows up, but
        composer fails to resolve names from it (32 vs. 64 bit problem)
    Solaris claims is missing when it isn't (Giannetto)
    LCC bug: To: shows list name + name of first person in list (DWall)
    Fcc by recipient doesn't work if builder doesn't change line.
    FCC processing (DJ577)
    FCC from addrbk doesn't work if ^T used to select addr (WF0SM) (OJ6HN)
    AddrBk change: ^X N doesn't exit, puts you back in editor (Aiyarak)
    Should UI for exiting addrbook editor be changed?
    Wants way to have dist. lists expanded (Morrison)
       New feature: Called it "expanded-view-of-distribution-lists".

Other bugs:

    Sorting bug (Bill Jenuwine)
    Faulty sort by date (Jim LeBay 145ZA)
    Reverse date sorting not quite right (pattyf@u).
    Username/passwd/host caching vs. /user  (HR8OM)
    SMTP error interface review
          fixed to leave last error message displayed in composer
          and to restart composer with cursor on field containing error.
    Init_error display shorter than min time.
          fixed alarm handler to consider previously queued message
          min display time.
    WhereIs in scrolltool doesn't seem to know about disable-keymenu (Y028T)
    Single char whereis missing matches? <>
       Added setlocale calls to selected ports that we know have it.
    Extraneous quotes on full names; backslash escapes (BB)
    Jump command range checking and/or min. display time of error msg
    Complaints about index scrolling (UJ3HY) (Y71JD) (JA9JQ)
        *Implemented scroll-margin... may still need "slow link" exception
    Pine can't write /.pinerc if run as root --fix from Kjell Hvgstrvm
    Sending uuencoded files no longer works  (ES289)
    Jump out-of-range error has zero min display time
    Tilde in display/sending filter command ignored
    Figure out what to do about chars 0x80 - 0x9F
    Send filters: should just show last segment of pathname -3.92 not fixed
    DG/UX: "resource temporarily unavailable" errors (XI7QJ Eric Ross)
          Patch provided by Ken Weaverling (pine-info 2 Apr)
    Claim ^C from Mac telnet handled differently in 3.92/3.91 (RH0RK)(IF7LM)
    Postponed messages versus .SYNTAX-ERROR.
    ALLOW_CHANGING_FROM doesn't work (Simon)
    Pico headerentry struct not fully initialized (Andrej)
    Full Names can't be changed in composer if entry is from addrbk (A04KP)
    Claim display filter paths beginning with ~/ don't work (LE7MZ)
    Quitting Pine leaves prompt and subsequent cmds in inv. video (BU16L)
    Composer doesn't redraw the titlebar after returning from subshell (SH)
    New mail bell: doesn't like delay between msg and sound (Ed Hill)
    Clicking on blank lines between Main Menu breaks P & N (MF3DC)
    Top-left corner not refreshed after "**", leaving black rectangle (1E3UF)
    "enable-alternate-editor-command" now needed even if editor= set (Ramey)
    Can't enter /user= in FCC header (BB)
    Decide what to do about docserver vs. 3.93 (avoid new ver. msg on UA?)

PC-Pine bugs:

(Several of these were not PC-Pine specific)

    PC-Pine: pgup/pgdn don't work in headers (Landy)
    PC-Pine: GPF if email addr specified on cmd line <rcummins>
    PC-Pine: can't select news collection with mouse (Robiette)
    PC-Pine32: [Can't create, don't use "." in addrbook name]
    PC-Pine: Can't create "C:\WINSOCK\PCPINE\", ... (AD3V6)

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