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Changes from Pine 3.90 to 3.91

Pine 3.91 is primarily a bug-fix release, to correct many (but not all) of the problems reported with version 3.90.

IMPORTANT NOTE: if you are plagued by messages saying ^S or ^Q not defined, or printers losing parts of messages sent from Pine, then set the new feature: "preserve-start-stop-characters". This is needed whenever your printer, modem, or async communications program is configured to use software flow control. Note that setting this feature will result in Pine appearing to "hang" if you accidentally type a ^S. The remedy for this situation is to type a ^Q.

Some of the more important bug fixes in 3.91:

In addition to these and more than one hundred other bug fixes, there are four new features included:

-> Needed when modems or printers use software (XON/XOFF) flow control

-> Marks more-or-less-recent news messages as "New"

-> Used to minimize address errors by rejecting unqualified addresses.

-> Used to avoid incorrect Full Name address info in certain situations.

This last one supersedes a feature that was just introduced in 3.90:


which is now obsolete. These new features are all set via the Setup/Config menu. For additional information, highlight the feature name in the Config screen and enter "?" for Help.

Finally, two new features for PC-Pine for Winsock (only):

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