Support Parent and Family Programs

Why support the University of Washington Parent and Family Program Fund?

The UW Parent and Family Program Fund provides immediate support for projects and programs that enrich the student experience from move-in through graduation. These initiatives span all aspects of a University of Washington education, including career preparation, wellness programming, leadership development, efforts to engage parents and families with the UW community, and much more.

You can have a direct impact on the student experience.

Each year, gifts to the fund allow the University of Washington to create an unparalleled student experience, providing meaningful opportunities for students to be involved in campus life in ways that enhance personal growth and learning beyond academics. Through partnerships across the university, the Division of Student Life works to ensure that students are able to connect their learning experiences inside and outside the classroom, allowing for a truly holistic educational environment.

At the UW, our students come from 117 countries and all 50 states. Every one of these students – including yours – benefits from the Parent and Family Program Fund. Your support provides students with the tools they need to have a transformational educational experience at the University of Washington – an experience that helps them discover their passions in life and work, become independent thinkers and contributors, and pursue meaningful and rewarding careers.

In addition to contributing to the fund, you can impact student success at the University of Washington by giving to the UW Parents Collections and Programs Endowed Fund. This fund helps the UW Libraries provide the critical resources necessary to prepare students for graduation or an advanced degree program.

Make your gift to the Parent and Family Program Fund in several ways:






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