Parent and family events

Consider strengthening your connection to the UW Seattle community by attending one of these events:


July 12th, 2013                          UWAA Mariners Night

September 20th, 2013             OMAD Welcome Daze

September 21st, 2013             Washington Huskies vs. Idaho State *Promo Code: UWParent

September 25th, 2013             FYP Dawg Daze Mariners

September 22nd, 2013            Convocation/Presidents Picnic

October 20th,2013                   Dawg Dash

October 25th, 2013                  W Day/Homecoming Celebration

February 18th, 2014                 Parent and Family Programs Focus Group

March 8th, 2014                       Husky Parents 101: A guide to student career development

March 8th, 2014                       UW vs. USC Men’s Basketball *Promo code: MBUWPARENT

March 8th, 2014                       School of Drama Arabian Nights  *Promo code: family

May 16th, 2014                        Undergraduate Research Symposium

May 21st, 2014                         Parent and Family Programs Focus Group

May 31st, 2014                          UW Day with the Seattle Sounders FC

June 14th, 2014                        Commencement


If you are a parent or family member interested in attending either the February of May focus group, please e-mail for more information.


There are many other events on campus that parents are welcome to attend and enjoy. We recommend checking out the Burke Museum, ArtsUW, and Husky Athletics to name a few.

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