Parents & Families

April 8, 2014

Provost Letter

Dear UW parents and families,AMC 2014_small

I would like to join President Young in welcoming you to the Husky family! As your Provost, I am responsible for the day-to-day operations at the University of Washington—academic, fiscal, and otherwise. My top priority and my biggest joy in this job will always be to help students get the most out of their Husky experience and to ready them for life after graduation. As the world’s challenges grow increasingly complex, finding solutions to them will require innovative, flexible and collaborative problem-solvers. At UW, we work to provide each and every student with the necessary tools to become the leaders this world needs.

A UW education is not only a major… it is so much more. It is about daily discoveries in the classroom, the library and the laboratory. It is about learning through experiences such as internships, collaborating with faculty in research projects, studying abroad, and learning through community service or employment. It is also about honing the skills that are essential for future success, such as leadership, teamwork and problem-solving – competencies that are vital to working in diverse settings.

My last report report, “Helping UW Students Prepare for Life after Graduation: It takes all of us,” looks at national trends and how UW faculty and staff are meeting the changing needs of this generation of undergraduates. It is our goal to ensure that all students have a transformative educational experience, one that helps them discover their passions in life and work, become independent thinkers and world citizens, and pursue meaningful and rewarding careers.

So what does this mean for your student?

Starting early, we will ask—and encourage—students to become purposeful and strategic about their UW education and their future. We know that UW students know how to make good choices (they chose the UW, after all); our role is to support them in that path– making good personal, academic, civic, and professional choices about who they are, what they will spend their time doing, who they will build relationships with, and how they will realize their goals and aspirations. The UW offers students an exciting array of opportunities – and we will help them navigate the options.

As I mentioned before, we also support our students as they prepare for their lives after graduation, whether their next step is launching a career, applying to graduate or professional school, starting their own businesses, or dedicating to public service. We ask students to reflect on their learning in and out of class so that they are prepared to talk about their knowledge and skills to future employers and graduate school admissions committees.

We recently launched a new initiative called The Husky Experience, with a goal to do an even better job at supporting students in the ways I have stated here. We will keep you posted on developments around this initiative as it takes greater shape. Our incoming class is exceptional, and we want to help each and every one of our students to be the best they can be.

The support you give your student as parents and families, and your support for the UW as a whole, makes you a major partner with us in our educational and transformational mission. Thank you for joining us!



Ana Mari Cauce

Provost and Executive Vice President

Professor of Psychology and American Ethnic Studies

University of Washington