UB Technology Policy

2001 Upward Bound Students

Each student will sign a contract guaranteeing he or she will abide by all laws and school policies regarding technology. A violation of these rules is a very serious matter and will likely result in expulsion from Upward Bound and perhaps even more serious consequences.

Students may not copy any software except that which an instructor indicates is shareware.

All disks used in Upward Bound or University of Washington computers must be checked for viruses before being used. Students may not use any disks except ones provided by UB without first talking to an instructor.

No food or drink may be taken into any University computer lab.

The use of technology is a privilege. Students must show courtesy in communication on the Internet and must abide by the netiquette rules set by the instructor. Students must follow the instructor’s direction regarding which programs on the computer may be opened by the student.

Students may not access areas of the Internet which are restricted for student use by an instructor.

Students may not change or disrupt BIOS, system, control panel, or network settings. Students must not try to access other computers on the local network unless specifically instructed to do so by a staff member.

Any student who even begins a process which is intended to destroy or erase programs or data on a computer will be restricted from technology use in UB, or dropped from the program.

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