Upward Bound Stipends

Upward Bound Students 2006 having lunch

The Upward Bound grant from the federal government permits students to be issued funds and transportation to help them participate in the program. This consists of a small stipend, bus tickets, and some lunch money. The student’s eligibility for this support and the procedure for receiving them is described below.

If the student thinks the amount of a stipend, bus tickets, or lunch money is incorrect, he/she can discuss this with the Director.

Both new and continuing students receive a stipend on the last day of the program if they have completed the Summer Program satisfactorily. Continuing students receive $100 and new students $75.

Bus tickets are given to all students for class days in June and August and a bus pass is issued for the month of July. The program cannot replace a lost ticket or bus pass. The tickets and passes allow for travel at any time of the day for one zone.

In the summer, lunch money is available to all students and is issued once a week. Students receive $4.00 per day to help with the lunch expenses. Twice during the summer the amount of lunch money issued is reviewed to assess necessary reductions based on the students absences and tardies (3 tardies is the same as missing 1 class; missing one class in one day reduces the lunch money by $1.00, 2 classes $2, 3 or more classes in one day is $3)

A student who misses the distribution of any of these items must come to the office at any time other than during class.

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