Office of Minority Affairs & Diversity

Behavior Code

Upward Bound Attendance

This Behavior Code establishes some basic rules for all Upward Bound students in UB classes and field trips. These rules reflect accepted behavior in all classes which the student will take whether in high school or college. They are accepted in order to encourage the best work from students as well as remove the obstacles that may prevent true learning.

  • Attend all classes.
  • Arrive on time to each class, field trip or other activity. During the academic year we will follow the attendance rules of the students’ specific school.


During the Summer Program, when students complete one semester’s work in six weeks attendance and promptness each day are essential. If a student misses two periods in any one class for any reason, the instructor may give him or her a warning and parents or guardians may be notified.

Note: If the student is absent more than three times, he or she may be dropped from Upward Bound entirely.

An instructor may consider that two tardies are equal to one absence. If late, the student should enter and resume work. In the summer, there is no distinction between “excused” and “unexcused” absences. There is no need to bring a note from parents or guardians.

Inappropriate Items & Actions

During all Upward Bound activities, staff may take from a student any object which is not being used appropriately in that situation. Objects which endanger others may not be carried by a student at any time. Objects taken from a student may be retrieved from the Upward Bound Office or from the staff person at a later time. Smoking is not permitted at Upward Bound events.

Before class begins, students must take care of all personal business. This includes using the phone, going to the restroom and talking with other students, instructors, or staff. Students must bring pencils, pens and paper each day in addition to any other material required for the class.

Everyone is required to turn off pagers and phones when in class. Failure to do so may result in permanent confiscation of these items, reduction of stipend, extension of probationary period or withdrawal from the program. There is no listening to audio tools, application of make-up or smoking in class. Many classes must prohibit eating and drinking in the classroom (such as science and computer labs). Each class will have its own rules about other types of behavior. The student is responsible for following each instructor’s or staff’s rules.

During class the students should remain in their seat unless instructed to.

During the summer program we have our classes and offices in buildings occupied by University of Washington faculty, staff and students. They are working before, during and after our Upward Bound classes. It is a privilege for Upward Bound to be able to hold classes in UW classrooms. It is a privilege that can be lost by inappropriate behavior. We cannot disrupt their working environment by loud talking, running in the buildings or disturbing their work and lounge areas. We need to behave as serious college students. Writing or otherwise marking up any walls, floors or other items in or around the University campus is strictly prohibited.

Help us keep this campus a beautiful place to be. Pick up after yourself. Place items appropriately in the recycle bins or garbage. Do not leave anything behind in a classroom or any other campus area.

Smoking is not permitted in any university building.