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The “Sankofa” Experience in Ghana – Exploration of Race & Identity Development in a Cross Cultural Exchange

The concept of Sankofa means “to go back and get it,” to seek an understanding of one’s history both physical and social, then journey forward to one’s present and onward to their individual and collective future. “The Sankofa Experience in Ghana” will take students to the Republic of Ghana to learn the history and culture of this diverse African country, while also uncovering the vast trans-Atlantic influence that the United States and Ghana have exerted on one another for over three centuries. The crucial historical context for our discussions includes understanding Ghana and the United States as two aspects of the African Diaspora, connected historically by migrations – both forced and voluntary – that carried people of African descent across the Atlantic Ocean.

The dates of the 2017 program are June 21 – July 21 (Summer A Term).

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