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Rupturing the Narrative: Re-Conceptualizing Communication and Difference in Barbados

What happens when a “minority” passes as a member of the “majority”? What happens when a “majority” group member finds herself standing out as a “minority”? In this summer study abroad program in the Eastern Caribbean nation of Barbados, students will re-think, or more accurately, rupture their narratives of race, beauty, intelligence, culture, politics, and power.

By centering the course on Barbadian representations of culture, tourism, and race, students will begin to think globally about the ways in which power operates.  Particular attention is paid to the ways in which Blackness is scripted and re-scripted in Barbados, a majority-Black country (with approximately 90% of the population having African descent), as opposed to in the United States, a minority-Black country (with approximately 14% of the population having African descent).

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