Office of Minority Affairs & Diversity


Dalia Amin Portrait

Dalia Amin

4th Year, Political Science and Law, Societies and Justice
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For as long as I can remember, I have enjoyed learning about my surrounding and understanding various struggles of underrepresented communities. As a fourth year student on campus, I have spent much time working on resolving issues effecting students and their education. In previous years my fellow peers and I have worked hard in reorganizing the Advisory Board and this year it is my hope to continue my service to the students as Chair of SAB. As the official SAB spokesperson, I will facilitate all OMA/DVP SAB meetings, produce and report SAB goals and interface directly with UW entities and government officials on behalf of SAB members. Every Monday of the school year, my team and I are available to hear student issues and concerns so we may discuss them with the Vice Provost for Diversity & Vice President for Minority Affairs and together find solutions to all concerns. I am excited for an eventful year.

Tai Nicole Weinman Portrait

Tai Nicole Weinman

Vice Chair
4th Year, English and Psychology
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My name is Tai Weinman. I am a senior double degree in Psychology and English. This is my second year working with the Student Advisory Board (SAB). I am the former Black Student Union (BSU) representative, and the current Co-Chair for the Student Advisory Board. I really believe in the goal of SAB to increase the amount of student input our administrators hear. I’ve seen the influence SAB has been able to have on important issues that affect the underrepresented and minority communities it services. As a SAB officer, I want to continue to work to effectively see these changes come about. It is my goal to make sure all of our officers are doing their tasks, and that each representative is adequately acting as a messenger between his/her organization.

Tony Vo Portrait

Tony Vo

3rd Year, Public Health and American Ethnic Studies
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My name is Tony Vo and I am a Junior doing a double degree in Public Health and American Ethnic Studies. I am an at Large Member for the Student Advisory Board (SAB) and also serve as the Student Advisory Board Treasurer. Serving as this year’s treasurer I will oversee SAB’s budget and related finances in order to ensure we have a successful year. Coming into the advisory board I have had many experiences working with diverse communities on campus, but I feel that oftentimes we begin to overlook our actions and don’t necessarily take a step back to to discuss the problems at hand. Being a part of this new community I hope to reach out and provide an open space for underrepresented students to address their concerns.

Kristine Maramot Portrait

Kristine Maramot

2nd Year, Pre-Nursing
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Hi! My name is Kristine Maramot. I’m currently a sophomore at the UW, hoping to pursue a major in Nursing. Also, I am the representative for the Filipino American Student Association (FASA) and serve as this year’s Student Advisory Board (SAB) Secretary. As Secretary, it’s my duty to record the minutes of each SAB Meeting for future reference. Thus, my goal is to help provide a place where underrepresented communities can share their voice through SAB.

Chika Ugwoaba Portrait

Chika Ugwoaba

Director of Public Relations
4th Year, Sociology
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Hi all, my name is Chika and I’m currently a senior, and my goal is to attend medical school to become a pediatrician. As a sociology major, I enjoy learning about issues pertaining to Africa, and in the future, I hope to serve a West African community as a physician. My hobbies include singing, dancing, and spending time with my family and friends. As this year’s Director of Public Relations and Marketing, I take it as my mission to ensure all students in the ECC community and beyond know about what OMA/D Student Advisory Board is about and how we can help serve them. Other groups I am involved with include UW’s Minority Association of Pre-Health Students, IMPACT/SOS, and African Students Association. I look forward to meeting you!

Tyler Adamson Portrait

Tyler Adamson

Marketing and Director of Campus Climate
4th Year, Medical Anthropology and Global/Health/Biology/Biochemistry
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Hello there, my name is Tyler Adamson. I was a transfer junior this last year and now I am a 4th year majoring in Medical Anthropology and Global Health/Biology/Biochemistry. I am an At-Large Representative for SAB, and am honored to serve as your Director of Campus Climate this year. I joined SAB because I believe it would be foolish to pass up an opportunity such as this, an open, safe, and supportive environment where we can sit down with a top-level administrator, and bring up the issues that we as students see important and ultimately affect the conversations that affect us as students. As your Director of Campus Climate this year, I’m making it my priority to reach out to all the different communities on campus, from Greeks to Residence Halls, to make sure that we begin to foster relationships and makes sure that diversity is what connects communities on campus, instead of disconnecting them. It’s also my responsibilities to take these issues to the next level to make sure that they get dealt with accordingly, and in a timely manner. Thank you, and please contact me if you need anything!