Chasmon Tarimel

  • Barbados Week 1 - Part IIBarbados Week 1 – Part II

    by Chasmon Tarimel (written on July 26) Harrison's Cave Our excursions the first week were amazing! We toured around the island and saw many sites, old sites that trace back to the 18th century. Seeing the beautiful waters riding on the coast was exhilarating and an opportunity of a lifetime. Our very first stop was…

  • Barbados Week 1 - Part IBarbados Week 1 – Part I

    by Chasmon Tarimel (written on July 26) Hello everyone from the beautiful island of Barbados! I am so honored to have had the privilege to explore this unique island and all the wonders it has to share. Being on a study abroad trip is more than the imagination can display, but taking a first-hand look…

  • Meet the Barbados Student BloggersMeet the Barbados Student Bloggers

    by OMA&D Community & Public Relations (left to right) Italiana Hughes, Chasmon Tarimel, Erica Crittendon, Fitradin Shanle, Simran Kaur, Krista DeFils, Karina Rivera Back to the Blog

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