Office of Minority Affairs & Diversity

Project Oversight

The University of Washington will be the lead institution for the PNW LSAMP and the chief academic officers of the four-year institutions will serve as Principal and co-Principal investigators. This management team will have responsibilities for ensuring meeting and conference coordination; data assessment and collection; annual report development and dissemination; and fiscal oversight.

In addition to the primary management team, the PNW LSAMP Advisory Board will include chief diversity officers, Engineering and Science Deans, and Directors from MESA and the Pacific Science Center. This Advisory Board will meet annually and be responsible for program vision and direction.

Each campus will have a Center Coordinator and Data Liaison identified for the project. The primary role of the Center Coordinator will be to facilitate campus and Alliance networking for LSAMP student support. The Center Coordinator will be responsible for connecting students to summer research experiences, managing participation for campus students and personnel in the annual research conference, and collaboration with other PNW LSAMP Coordinators to develop and host workshops. The Coordinator will be intimately involved in the day to day coordination of campus LSAMP project activities. The Data Liaison will work with the Center Coordination and Evaluators to collect and analyze Alliance data. The Campus LSAMP Center Coordinators, Community College Liaisons, Assessment Team representatives and project managers will comprise the PNW LSAMP Steering Committee.

LSAMP Organization Chart 2016