Office of Minority Affairs & Diversity


MissionThe Educational Talent Search mission is to promote opportunities for those seeking to pursue higher education and to provide educational support services to limited-income and first-generation, college bound students in 6 participating school districts, in Skagit, Snohomish and Yakima counties.

The Educational Talent Search Program assists qualified youth who have the desire and potential to complete secondary school and enroll/reenroll in a program of post-secondary education. The program provides guidance, access and information on the processes of college admissions, financial aid and scholarships available for post-secondary study. Educational Talent Search exposes its participants to the college environments with college visits, cultural enrichment activities and career exploration. Talent Search motivates students in its target school communities to succeed in their educational aspirations.

The Educational Talent Search (ETS) program at the University of Washington is designed to:

  • Identify qualified youth who are low-income and potential first-generation college students and to encourage them to complete high school and enroll in a post-secondary level education program
  • Publicize the availability of student financial assistance at the post-secondary level
  • Encourage persons who have not completed secondary or post-secondary education to reenter these programs