No Longer Invisible: Phavy Chey

Phavy Chey

“My mother was forced to leave her homeland following the Khmer Rouge, a genocide led by communists who killed over two thirds of Cambodia’s population. She lost her entire family, including her husband, who was killed when he was forced to enlist in the war and her children who died soon after from starvation and malnutrition.”

No Longer Invisible: James Hong

James Hong

“There’s a common misconception that diverse or ethnic cultures can be experienced through food alone. ‘Let us share this spring roll, and upon digestion, our two minds shall become one.'”

No Longer Invisible: Priscilla Kyu

Priscilla Kyu

“Growing up, I tried to make sense of my ethnic and cultural heritage. Not quite Chinese. Not quite Burmese. Not quite American. I would listen and understand the adults in my family speak Burmese and while I understand, I never learned to speak the language.”

No Longer Invisible: Va’eomatoka Kenneth Liueli Valu


“I am a first generation Tongan immigrant. My mother and I came to the United States when I was 14 years old, leaving behind life on the islands of the Kingdom of Tonga with a total population of about 110,000 people.”

No Longer Invisible: Tsengyang Vang

Tsengyang Vang 2

“Hmong are an ethnic minority from Southwest China and the northern regions of Burma, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. Many of the Hmong people in the United States are from the highlands of Laos.”

No Longer Invisible: Muhamed Manhsour

Muhamed Manhsour head shot

“My name is Muhamed Manhsour. People look at me and see an Asian face. They wonder why I have an Arabic name. This is because of my wonderful heritage and I aim to preserve my culture so that succeeding generations will be enriched.”

2014 Community Graduations to be Held June 4-13

Community Graduation

Join OMA&D and campus partners as we celebrate the success of our students and their families at the annual Kelly Ethnic Cultural Center (ECC) Community Graduations, June 4-13. This year’s events will feature the first Multi-Grad Recognition Ceremony to take place June 4 at the ECC. The complete schedule is as follows: 1st Annual Multi-Grad… Read More

Undergraduates to Present Research at 22nd Annual Pacific Northwest McNair/EIP/GO-MAP Research Conference May 15-17

McNair Conference

Thirty-eight McNair scholars from the University of Washington and seven other universities will converge on campus to participate in the 22nd annual Pacific Northwest McNair/EIP/GO-MAP Research Conference, May 15-17. Student research in social science, STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) and humanities will be showcased through oral and poster presentations on Fri., May 16, from… Read More

No Longer Invisible: Shaylin Nicole Salas

Shaylin Nicole Salas

“Pacific Islanders are often misunderstood and stereotyped in society. We need to be seen so that we can share our knowledge and culture. There are stories behind our customs and language that may benefit the dominant society and culture.”

No Longer Invisible: Bryan Dosono

Bryan Dosono

“AAPI Heritage Month prompts a moment for me to reflect on my personal journey of AAPI activism and reaffirms the importance of celebrating diversity within the greater community. This heightened awareness for advancing the Asian American movement motivated my engagement with Lambda Phi Epsilon, an Asian American interest fraternity and high-level decision making in university leadership.”