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Office of Minority Affairs & Diversity

Assessment & Research

The Office of Minority Affairs & Diversity Assessment and Research Unit aids in grant proposals, annual performance reports via data query and analysis within OMA&D and select campus units. We also process and produce organized information to help staff with better decision making in day-to-day operations, event planning, and future policy formation and practice. All operations are aimed at maintaining and enhancing performance and opportunities for underrepresented, low-income, first-generation and other underserved students.

A&R Team

Gene kimGene Kim
Postdoctoral Research Fellow 1999-2001, University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Education. Ph.D. Education 1999, University of Wisconsin-Madison.
M.S. Counseling 1995, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Missing PhotoArlyn Arquiza
Senior Computer Specialist (Senior OMAD Data Analyst)

Missing PhotoCandy Y. Kamekona
Data Analyst