June 12, 2009

Lily Lopez-McGee

By Office of Minority Affairs & Diversity

Lily Lopez-McGee

As an undergrad the services offered by the OMA/D were invaluable to my experience at the UW. I was able to tap into the student services at the IC, which essentially kept my head above water in my pre-cal class, and really take advantage of all of the exciting programming offered at the ECC/T. Participating in the student groups at and events hosted by the ECC/T contributed greatly to my growth as a leader and young professional.

These experiences eventually lead to my professional involvement with the OMA/D as a Graduate Staff Assistant at the ECC/T where I had the opportunity to give back in a way that helped lead to the expansion of services and events offered by the ECC/T to help enhance the minority student experience at UW. My fondest memories at the UW, both in undergrad and grad school, were significantly enhanced by the social and academic opportunities offered through the OMA/D.

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