2015 Summer Advising & Orientation Testing

Please note: this information is only for incoming students who will take a Math Placement Test on the same morning they check into Advising & Orientation (A&O) session. If it is not your A&O check-in day and you need placement testing, please click here. You may not take a placement test in conjunction with A&O if you are not checking into A&O the same day.

Incoming Freshman Students

Most of you will be attending Advising & Orientation at either a Monday/Tuesday session or a Wednesday/Thursday session. If you are signed up for either of these session types, a special testing session is available to you on the FIRST day of your Advising & Orientation Session (either a Monday or Wednesday) in the morning.

We offer testing on the morning of your A&O session for Math Placement ONLY. Many placement tests are required prior to course registration. If you are not sure which tests you need to take, check out the link for Advising on Placements.

A&O Math Placement Testing Registration:
If you need to take a  Math Placement Test in conjunction with Advising & Orientation, you can register here:  http://www.washington.edu/oea/services/aptp/registration.html

Please note: The registration processes is multi-step and must be completed in one sitting.  Be sure to register for the test date that coincides with the first day of your A&O session. Registration for a testing session will close at 1:00pm on the business day prior to the test date. You will pay for the test using PayPal, so have a credit card ready.  Please set aside 5-7 minutes to complete the registration process!

If you need to take a Foreign Language or Honors Chemistry Placement Test, you can view the testing schedules here.

Transfer Students

Transfer students should take any needed placement tests during the regular testing schedule available here.

Fees and More Information

Placement Tests Fees range from $25-$45 - additional information about these tests can be found on our website here.

Please contact the Testing Center at 206-543-1171 if you need additional information regarding testing schedules.



To request disability accommodation for testing, please contact the OEA Testing Center at (206) 543-1171 or via email at oeatests@u.washington.edu before registering for the test.