GRE Subjects - Graduate Record Examination

The general GRE is a large-scale computer-based examination that is published and coordinated at a national level. Dates are set by the test company. The University of Washington DOES NOT administer the general GRE. The paper/pencil Subject Test for the GRE is administered in the fall at the University of Washington.

Test companies often publish bulletins that provide information about test dates, registration procedures, and preparing for the test.

University of Washington scheduled test dates: This exam REQUIRES pre-registration through the testing company. The UW Testing Center does not handle exam registration. Some national exams will allow late or standby registration with payment of an additional fee.

To register for this test or for more information: Contact the testing company.

GRE SUBJECTS- Graduate Record Examination

Published by Educational Testing Service (ETS), Princeton, NJ, (609) 771-7670 or 1-800-GRE CALL. TTY: (609) 734-9362 or 1-800-529-3590.

Test Dates

  September 27, 2014