New Rates -- Scanning & Scoring

Scanning & Scoring Rates Effective July 1, 2013:

(This is our first rate increase since 2006 and we continue to strive to make our scanning and scoring services efficient and affordable.)


Description Price
General purpose scannable forms (batches of 25) $0.15 per form
Optical scanner set-up $1.00 per batch
Optical scanning $0.10 per sheet
Data processing operator (including preparation time if forms not submitted in ready-to-scan condition)
$50.00 per hour
Scannable form installation $50.00 per hour
Scannable form design $75.00 per hour  
Consultation/programming $75.00 per hour
Postage and shipping at cost
Overhead on total charges including postage and shipping for non-UW accounts


Description Price
ScorePak standard answer sheets (batches of 25) $0.29 per sheet
ScorePak standard answer sheet credit ($0.19) per sheet
ScorePak optical scanner set-up $1.00 per batch
ScorePak optical scanning $0.10 per sheet
ScorePak data processing operator time (for answer sheet cleanup, billed in quarter hour increments) $50.00 per hour
ScorePak roster $0.03 per student
ScorePak frequency distributions $0.03 per student
ScorePak item analysis $0.03 per student
ScorePak correlations $0.03 per student
ScorePak general report $5.00 per report
ScorePak individual student reports (processing) $0.03 per student
ScorePak individual student reports (printed) $.20 per student
ScorePak individual student reports (electronic) $5.00 per batch
ScorePak score and item files $5.00 per test
ScorePak bookkeeping set-up $15.00
ScorePak express service (3 hour turn around) $15.00

Each ScorePak® standard answer sheet includes a $.19 credit that will be applied toward ScorePak® charges. For example, the $.19 per sheet credit will cover charges to scan the sheets ($.10), and produce a frequency distribution ($.03), a single item analysis ($.03), and one score roster ($.03). Click here for a ScorePak® pricing example.

The credit can be applied only once, when the sheet is initially scanned. No credit is given if the sheet is reprocessed. No refund is made for unused credits, and credits cannot be accumulated from run to run.

An 18% surcharge will be added to all charges not made directly to a University of Washington budget.