IASystem Reports

IASystem™ course evaluations are intended to serve a variety of information needs.

  • IASystem™ Course Summary Reports provide instructors with student feedback to develop and improve instruction. Reports are generated at the end of each academic term, and include the number and percentage of students who chose each response option, as well as the average (median) response for each item and a decile rating based on institutional norms.
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  • IASystem™ Hi-Low Reports assist administrators in allocating resources and support. These reports are generated at the end of each academic term, and list courses that received especially high or low average ratings (greater than 4.6 or less than 3.0, respectively) for a particular term. The reported averages are means of course medians and are presented for selected items from all forms with the exception of Form J.
  • IASystem™ Annual Reports provide Deans and Chairs with an overall summary of student ratings of instruction by course level and faculty rank, and consist of two related reports. The Ratings Summary reports average ratings by course level on selected items. The reported averages are means of course medians and are presented for each college, sub-college, if applicable, and department. The Survey List displays courses that were evaluated during the past year (and so included in the Ratings Summary).
  • IASystem™ Five-Year Course Evaluation Summary Reports summarize IASystem™ results for individual academic departments for each of the past five academic years. The single-page reports provide average ratings for each department, the department's college or sub-college, and the institution as a whole. Standardized differences between departmental averages and those of the comparison groups are also reported. Information is provided for all courses, as well as broken down by course level and faculty rank. This report has been developed to support regular periodic review of academic programs. (Reports for University of Washington)
  • IASystem™ Custom Summary Reports contain the same information as IASystem™ Course Summary Reports, but are based on combined ratings from many courses. Ratings from several courses may be combined for a particular instructor in decisions regarding promotion and tenure. An overall estimate of instruction in a particular department can be obtained by combining ratings for all courses taught during a particular time period. These reports are generated on request.
  • IASystem™ data can be exported according to several predefined export specifications. Exported data are provided as semi-colon delimited text files.