IASystem Rates, Other Campuses

The following rates apply to the legacy paper-based system. There is an alternate rate schedule for the new IASystem™ web-based services.

Description Price
IASystem™ forms (Evaluation and Instructor Information)
orders of fewer than 40,000 forms $.10 per form purchased
orders of 40,000 or more forms $.095 per form purchased
Optical scanning $.16 per form processed
IASystem™ Course Summary Reports (PRINTED)
w/out optional items, 2 per class, standard $1.50 per course evaluated
w/out optional items, additional $ .75 per report
w/optional items, 2 per class, standard $1.90 per course evaluated
w/optional items, additional $ .95 per report
IASystem™ Course Summary Reports (PDF) $1.00 per course evaluated
IASystem™ Custom Summary Reports $10.00
IASystem™ Deans Reports (one per term at no charge) $10.00
IASystem™ Annual Reports (one per year at no charge) $30.00
Database development for new client no charge
Data export set-up (one-time charge) $50.00
Data export $10.00
Supplemental questionnaire development and programming $3,650.00
Form preparation for scanning if not done by sending institution $15.00 per hour
Shipping at cost
Overhead on total including shipping 18%