Office of Animal Welfare

Institutional Compliance

The University of Washington is committed to conducting quality animal research in an ethical and responsible manner to further science and to improve the health of society. The UW Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) ensures compliance with federal regulations, reviews all animal use protocols, inspects animal facilities and laboratories and oversees training and educational programs. The UW’s Office of Animal Welfare  provides support to the IACUC and to faculty and researchers utilizing live animals.

Frequently Requested Regulatory Information
Below is a listing of University of Washington assurances and accreditation numbers and dates that you may need. If your sponsor requires a copy of the associated documents or letters please contact the Office of Animal Welfare,


Public Health Service (PHS) Assurance issued by the Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare (OLAW)
Assurance Number: D16-00292  or A3464-01 (either number can be used)
Most Recent OLAW Site Visit:  08/28/2012 through 08/31/2012
Most Recent Assurance Approval Date:  12/22/2016
Assurance Expiration Date: 12/31/2020


AAALAC Accreditation
Reference Assurance:
Most Recent AAALAC Site Visit: 6/3/2019 through 6/7/2019
Most Recent Full Accreditation issued: November 1, 2019


USDA Research Registration
USDA Certificate Number
: 91-R-0001
Most Recent USDA Inspection:  6/4/2019 through 6/6/2019
Registration Expiration: 08/24/2022