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October 19, 2011

Fiery volcano offers geologic glimpse into land that time forgot — with video

The first scientists to witness exploding rock and molten lava from a deep sea volcano, seen during a 2009 expedition, also collected boninite, a rare lava that accompanies the formation of Earths subduction zones. Current subduction zones are continually evolving but most formed 5 million to 200 million years ago.

October 18, 2011

The UW’s next generation of infertility treatment

Scientific advances are assisting prospective parents unable to to have children on their own. Also emerging are methods to try to protect a young person’s ability to make a baby in the future.

Urology aims to get ‘Lean, improve patient care

Urology Department Chairman Hunter Wessells, Dr. Bill Ellis, Clinic Manager Nancy Eberhardt and Dr. Tom Walsh are leading a quality improvement project to improve patient and staff satisfaction.

October 17, 2011

Environmental toxicologist David Eaton elected to Institute of Medicine

Eaton is vice provost for research-external relations om the UW Office of Research and professor of environmental and occupational health in the School of Public Health. Election in the IOM is one of the highest honors given to medical and health leaders.

October 13, 2011

Differences in jet lag severity could be rooted in how circadian clock sets itself

Researchers have found hints that differing molecular processes in one area of the brain might play a significant role in the differences of jet lag severity between long-distance west-to-east travel and east-to-west travel.

Improving the physics of grocery store display cases to save energy

Aeronautical engineers are devising ways to boost the efficiency of open-air refrigerated cases, which are increasingly common in supermarkets. Results could lower the energy use of existing cases by up to 15 percent — potentially saving $100 million in electricity costs each year.

October 12, 2011

Boring south: A visit into Sound Transit’s light rail dig (with slide show)

UW Photographer Mary Levin was given a rare chance Wednesday, Oct. 12, to tour the underground site of Sound Transits dig for the 3.15-mile University Link light rail line. Here’s what she saw.

Up in the air – Engineering aerospace for sustainability

Mary Armstrong, Tim Vinopal and Mehran Mesbahi will speak in a series titled “Re-engineering Aerospace: Flying Cleaner, Greener, Smarter,” which begins Oct. 26.

College students limit technology use during crunch time

A new University of Washington study found college students – only weeks away from final exams and in the library – tend to pare use of electronics. Its their way to manage technology that permeates their lives.

Garden at Monicas Village Place grows a community

The garden at Monica’s Village Place–built by UW students–runs the width of a block at 23rd Avenue South and South Main Street. Its the centerpiece of a new low-income housing complex built by Catholic Community Services.

Dawgs-to-be in Onalaska ‘adopt UW, get flood of Husky stuff

A teachers request prompts a regular purple rain of Husky merchandise, from brochures, buttons and stickers to what the students are using as “scholar berets.” Its all to get younger students thinking of college.

Miranda rights in spotlight at law school forum

The UW Law School will hold a forum on the future of the Miranda warning on Oct. 19. You know the one: ‘You have the right to remain silent…”

Lost and Found Films: Glenn Hughes speaks at Johns Hopkins — but why?

Its 1957 and the dapper, well-spoken fellow at the microphone is Glenn Hughes, founding director of the UW School of Drama. Hes at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, but can anyone say why?


Durand speaks on ‘Talea as part of entrepreneurial faculty series

Music Professor Joel Durand will speak on “Bringing a High-end Audiophile Product to Market: the Talea” at 8 a.m. Tuesday, Oct. 18, as part of the Presidential Entrepreneurial Faculty Fellows Lecture Series.

New software licensing agreements bring more products for use on UW-owned computers

Faculty and staff can now take advantage of new software licensing agreements that provide even more products for use on UW-owned computers at no additional cost.

Nominees sought for UW Health and Safety Committees

The election process is now under way for the UWs Health and Safety Committees. Anyone who would like to serve on a committee should contact his or her local election coordinator.

ETC: Campus News & Notes

Sheila Edwards Lange and Myra Tanita are honored as “Women of Influence” by the Puget Sound Business Journal. The latest accomplishments by your campus colleagues.

Official Notices, Oct. 13

English language courses are available, the UW-University of Bergen exchange program seeks applicants and grants are available for research in alcohol and drug abuse.

Pianist Sheppard celebrates Liszts birthday with a concert

Faculty pianist Craig Sheppard performs works by Franz Liszt in observance of the 200th anniversary of the composers birth on Friday, Oct. 21.

SR 520 bridge and highway to close Oct. 15-17

Construction crews will close the State Route 520 bridge and highway Saturday night through Monday morning to set 24 massive concrete girders as part of a new overpass in Medina. Husky fans will still be able to get to and from the game before the road closes for construction.

Combined Fund Drive gathers shoes for charity

Shoes are a necessity, not an afterthought. Thats why Mindy Kornberg, UW vice president for human resources, has organized a drive to gather new and gently used shoes from the campus community to give to the homeless and others in need.

Pianist Till Fellner plays Haydn, Schumann, others at Meany Hall

Pianist Till Fellner performs at Meany Hall at 8 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 18. The program includes Sonata in C Major, Hob XVI:50 by Haydn; Half of One, Six Dozen of the Other, by Armstrong; Kinderszenen,Op. 15, by Schumann; and Années de Pelerinage: Deuxieme Année: Italie, S161, by Liszt.

Ashley Emery: A half-century at the UW and going strong

Emery, a professor of mechanical engineering, remembers the UW he joined, in the pre-computer days of slide rules, mimeograph machines, chalky blackboards and typing pools.

Mystery Photo: How well do you know the campus?

Think you know the campus? Then try your luck with the Mystery Photo. Guess correctly and you might win a prize.

American Academy of Nursing inducts three from UW School of Nursing faculty

Among the newly inducted Fellows of the American Academy of Nursing are UW faculty members Betty Bekemeier, Cindy Dougherty and Brenda Zierler, and UW Nursing alum Lori Loan,

Bioblitz volunteers to catalog living things in arboretum Oct. 21-22

Naturalists, kayakers and other volunteers – including University of Washington students, faculty and staff – are needed to look for as many birds, plants, insects, mammals and fungi as possible during the 24-hour Bioblitz 2011 at the Washington Park Arboretum.

More than 200 neighbors attend UW Neighborhood Ravenna Clinic opening

Harry the Husky mascot and the Husky Marching Band welcomed visitors Oct. 1 to the new UW Neighborhood Ravenna Clinic. The clinic is north of the main UW campus and open six days a week, with extended hours Mondays and Thursdays.

October 11, 2011

School of Business offers Global Business Week, then Global Ventures Workshop

This is Global Business Week at the UWs Foster School of Business, a week of informational events for undergraduates and MBAs as well as faculty and staff. And then on Oct. 22, the school will hold its Social Ideas to Global Ventures Workshop, a daylong event focused on increasing student awareness of social enterprise in developing countries.

Are your vision problems caused by dry eyes?

Spending long hours staring at a computer screen? If you’re not blinking enough, beware of the burning, gritty sensation of dry eye.

UW volunteers help deliver oral health care at homeless veterans Stand Down

Volunteers gave oral health screenings and follow-up advice as part of a Seattle event offering counseling, health care, clothing and gear to local homeless veterans.

Learning to not be afraid: UW psychologists treat PTSD with drug known to enhance learning

Lori Zoellner, director of UWs Center for Anxiety & Traumatic Stress, has a new study aimed to make PTSD treatment more efficient.

October 10, 2011

Pianist to present lecture-recital on Ravel, Debussy

Paul Roberts, a renowned concert pianist and specialist in French Impressionism, presents “Impressionist Landscapes,” a lecture-recital on the piano music of Maurice Ravel and Claude Debussy at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 13 in Brechemin Auditorium.

Chronic dialysis for kidney disease patients now initiated substantially earlier, UW-Group Health-led study finds

Researchers from Washington state and California found that over a ten-year period, from 1997 to 2007, patients are starting dialysis approximately five months earlier on average.

Research shows how life might have survived ‘snowball Earth

New research indicates that simple life in the form of photosynthetic algae could have survived a “snowball Earth” event, living in a narrow body of water with characteristics similar to todays Red Sea.

Summit helps mark first anniversary of Campus Sustainability Fund

Learn about some of the inaugural projects by students, faculty and staff using money from the student-funded Campus Sustainability Fund as part of the second annual Sustainability Summit on campus Oct. 26.

October 7, 2011

Babies show sense of fairness, altruism as early as 15 months

A new study by a UW psychologist presents the first evidence that a basic sense of fairness and altruism appears in infancy

October 6, 2011

Turning slash piles into soil benefit

Students of the University of Washington have teamed up on a startup that promises to turn slash piles of forest refuse into biochar, a commodity for sale to landscapers, farmers and gardeners.

October 5, 2011

UW is 25th best university in world in Times ranking

The University of Washington was ranked 25th best university in the world and the fifth-ranked American public university, according to The Times Higher Education Rankings

As 2011 Combined Fund Drive begins, agencies need help ‘now more than ever

A single dollar donated to UNICEF though the UW Combined Fund Drive buys four measles vaccinations, and could save four lives — think what a larger donation could do. The 2011 Combined Fund Drive runs from Oct. 12 to Dec. 2.

Lost and Found Films: ‘Womens Classes, circa 1965

Set your Wayback machines for 1965 again this week as we present this silent, black and white, 96-second film appropriately titled Womens Classes, circa 1965. Anyone know whats going on here?

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