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January 20, 2012

From 'American Knees' to 'Americanese'

A visit with English Professor Shawn Wong as one of his novels comes to the big screen, at SIFF, then in general release.

Hip-hop lesson plans teach Seattle students about social issues, arts – with playlist

Hip-hop music teaches middle- and high schoolers about social movements, poetry and art in a UW-coordinated project.

January 19, 2012

Homeless heavy drinkers imbibe less when housing allows alcohol

A study of a housing project that allows chronically homeless people with severe alcohol problems to drink in their apartments found that residents cut their heavy drinking by 35 percent.

Arts Roundup: Robin McCabe, Craig Sheppard, the University Symphony, mixed media meets dance at the Henry

Robin McCabe has a solo concert, the University Symphony features Craig Sheppard, the Odegaard has art, undergraduates do theater, “American Knees” hits the big screen and the Henry has a dance/mixed media piece.

January 18, 2012

New oral history of William Ruckelshaus, key figure in environmental policy, now online

An oral history of the career of William D. Ruckelshaus, the first and fifth administrator of the federal Environmental Protection Agency, whose career parallels the growth of the environmental movement in the United States, is now available in three locations in the state of Washington.

Thanks, all — Combined Fund Drive breaks record for 2011

The UW Combined Fund Drive broke its own record and met its goal in 2011, raising $2,066,131 in donations for about 1,500 charities in the Pacific Northwest and worldwide.

January 17, 2012

Fruit flies watch the sky to stay on course — with video

New research demonstrates that fruit flies keep their bearings by using the polarization pattern of natural skylight, bolstering the belief that many, if not all, insects have that capability.

January 13, 2012

Opinion: Reflections on Dr. King and a mothers life well lived

Ed Taylor, UW vice provost and dean of undergraduate affairs, remembers the life and achievements of his mother in the context of the work of Dr. King. “At her funeral, I was profoundly aware of my responsibility to live a life that is as decent, kind, caring and humane as my mother’s.”

Election Eye 2012: David Domke and crew partner with Seattle Times for blogging from campaign trail

Domke heads to South Carolina with students, colleagues — and cartoonist David Horsey — for on-the-ground coverage of the 2012 campaign.

Ethnic Cultural Center to be named for Samuel E. Kelly

The Office of Minority Affairs and Diversitys new Ethnic Cultural Center will be named in honor of the late Samuel E. Kelly, the founding vice president for the office and a pioneer for diversity on campus.

January 12, 2012

UW-IT seeks faculty for pilot projects using eTexts

UW Information Technology is seeking faculty members interested in using electronic texts, or eTexts, in their classes for participation in a pilot project.

Arts Roundup: MFA exhibit, undergraduate theater, geography film, social work art and something for all at the Henry

Its a busy week in the arts at the UW as Winter Quarter heats up. First-year MFA artists show their work, the UW World Series Chamber Music Series kicks off, geography has a film, social work has art, undergraduates take the stage and the Henry Art Gallery offers music, a family workshop and an open mic night.

Surgical robots to provide open-source platform for medical robotics research

Seven identical robots created and built at the UW will be flown to campuses across the country, where they will provide the first common research platform to develop the future of surgical robotics. The robots will be display Friday at an open house.


UW scholarship fund to benefit from Nancy Pearls Rediscoveries series

As the result of a deal with Amazon.com, at least 12 of Nancy Pearls favorite novels will soon be back in print, and a portion of sales will benefit the UW scholarship Pearl and her husband endowed in 2011.

Rachel Vaughn: A perfect fit at the Carlson Leadership & Public Service Center

The new director of the Carlson Leadership & Public Service Center talks about the center, here role and the extraordinary staff and student service-learners.

January 11, 2012

Hubble spies old stars that shed their skins to look younger

A UW-led team has peered deep into the neighboring Andromeda galaxy to find unusual ultra-blue stars.

Martin Luther King Jr. tributes scheduled at UW Health Sciences and Harborview

Harborview Medical Center and the UW Health Sciences have each scheduled events and service activities to honor the memory of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The ceremonies are open to all.

Gertrude Peoples presented with Odegaard Award for work on diversity

Gertrude Peoples, a special assistant with the University of Washington football program and the former director of the Student-Athlete Academic Services, is the 2012 recipient of the UW Charles E. Odegaard Award.

Official Notices: Regents meeting Jan. 12

Schedule for Jan. 12 Regents meeting is announced.

January 10, 2012

Gut microbe networks differ from norm in obese people, systems biology approach reveals

For the first time, researchers have analyzed the multitude of microorganisms residing in the human gut as a complex, integrated biological system, rather than a set of separate species. Their approach has revealed patterns that correspond with excess body weight.

January 9, 2012

Crab sagas yield insight into sustainable fisheries

Decades of wild swings in crab populations dramatize the myriad issues surrounding questions of sustainable fisheries, said David Armstrong, director of aquatic and fishery sciences, in his talk “Claws, causes, climate and corps: A cavalcade of true crab sagas.”

News Digest: MLK book, Imagine Cup, faculty honors

New edition: Michael Honeys book || UW Bothell students advance || Honor: Six in education || Honor: Alexes Harris

January 6, 2012

UW staffer zeros out daily commute costs, carbon footprint

Staff member Bob Edmistons quest was to cut both the time and cost of his daily commute.

Henry Art Gallery offers tours for faculty, staff

Got a half-hour for some great art? Try spending it at the Henry Art Gallery. The Henry is inviting faculty and staff to visit and learn about its exhibitions in three lunchtime tours at noon on Jan. 18, Feb. 22 and March 14.

January 5, 2012

Larger-than-life characters, intrigue part of history behind Battle of Adwa

Ethiopia is the only African country not defeated in the period of empire and Raymond Jonas new book “The Battle of Adwa: African Victory in the Age of Empire” describes the key battle.


Official Notices: Rules for UW housing, waivers of tuition and fees

Official notice of public hearings for amendments pertaining to “Rules for the University of Washington Residence Halls and Family Housing Apartments” and “Waivers of Tuition and Fees.”

Arts Roundup: Watras on viola, Burke Museum identifies artifacts, School of Drama meets Book-It Repertory

Faculty artist Melia Watras gives a solo concert, the School of Drama begins a play-reading collaboration of great books with Book-It Repertory and the Burke Museum is ready to identify that weird thing you found out back.

January 4, 2012

Russian river water unexpected culprit behind Arctic freshening – with video

A powerful combination of data from NASA satellites and traditional sampling has led to the discovery of a new pathway of freshwater in the Arctic Ocean. Jamie Morison, Applied Physics Laboratory, is lead author of paper in this weeks Nature.

Nursing students put skills to practice in community organizations

At a December open house, nursing students held a lively Poster Symposium to show their teachers, colleagues and friends how they put their education into practice at community agencies. The service projects covered a range of public health concerns like obesity, elder care and prenatal support.

News Digest: School renamed, professors honored

New name: School of Environmental and Forest Sciences || Honor: Marsha Linehan || Honor: Ian Joughin

January 3, 2012

David Domke to deliver five lectures on 2012 election

David Domke, a UW professor known nationally as a scholar in politics, religion and communication, will deliver five lectures on the 2012 election beginning Jan. 11.

Architect George Suyama to deliver Deans Distinguished Lecture

Suyama will discuss his work in the 2012 Deans Distinguished Lecture, sponsored by the UW College of Built Environments, at 6:30 p.m. on Monday, Jan. 9, in 120 Kane Hall. Afterward, he will sign copies of “Suyama: A Complex Serenity,” written by Grant Hildebrand, a UW emeritus professor of architecture, and published in March by the University of Washington Press.

December 28, 2011

Evidence found for brain injury in diet-induced obesity

UW scientists report today, Dec. 27, the first evidence of structural changes in the brains of rodents and people with diet-induced obesity. The findings may lead to a better understanding of body weight control problems.

A way to ‘feel human: School of Social Work fosters social justice, joy through art

The School of Social Work will host a public reception Jan. 11 at 4-6 p.m. to kick off an art exhibit featuring about 20 paintings and drawings by homeless youths in the University District.


December 22, 2011

From crate to plate: Students study how to improve campus access to fresh local food

Recipes that come boxed with fresh ingredients ready to cook? How about a monthlong incentive program inspiring a commitment to fresh local food? A design class studies how to get it done.

December 21, 2011

To turn up the heat in chilies, just add water

Hot chilies growing wild in dry environments produce substantially fewer seeds than non-pungent plants, but they are better protected against a seed-attacking fungus that is more prevalent in moist regions.

Tarhouni tells stories of Libya

Ali Tarhouni, on leave as a senior lecturer at the UW Foster School of Business, spoke at a news conference regarding his work so far as a leader of the Libyan revolution and the country’s new government.

December 20, 2011

Just messy or is it hoarding? Sorting out darker reality hidden inside clutter

We joke about being pack rats or collectors, but hoarding is a common and extremely hard problem to treat. A psychologist tells UW students how to identify and treat hoarding.

Five with UW links named to Forbes 30 under 30

A biostatistics faculty member, two genome scientists, and two computer engineers, all with UW links, are among the 30 under 30 young achievers in the annual Forbes list.

December 19, 2011

Upper atmosphere facilitates changes that let mercury enter food chain — with video

New research shows that the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere work to transform elemental mercury into oxidized mercury, which can easily be deposited into aquatic ecosystems and ultimately enter the food chain.

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