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December 9, 1996

Lightning research is charged with finding a rain gauge in space

Lightning research was once the stepchild of atmospheric science because of the belief that it had no connection with climate study. Now, thanks to new research at the University of Washington in Seattle, and to recent data from NASA’s space-based lightning detector, scientists believe that lightning frequency might be a reliable surrogate for tracking precipitation in those regions where direct, ground measurements are not possible.

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December 3, 1996

Removing brain chemical helps reduce body fat in genetically obese mice

Mice with a mutation that makes them grossly overweight can be induced to be only pleasingly plump, if they are genetically engineered to lack a certain neurotransmitter.

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November 27, 1996

Rwandan civil war isn’t just a conflict half way around the world: UW students, staff plan Tuesday benefit concert to aid former student

A group of University of Washington students and staff is coming to the aid of a former UW student living under the constant threat of death in the war-torn African nation of Rwanda.

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November 26, 1996

Health Source: Medical News from the University of Washington

Medical News from the University of Washington

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November 25, 1996

UW and Siemens develop diagnostic breakthrough with new programmable ultrasound imaging technology

A powerful new technology that allows ultrasound medical imaging systems for the first time to be programmed for multiple diagnostic applications was unveiled today by collaborating engineers from Siemens Ultrasound and the University of Washington.

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November 22, 1996

APEC unveils Internet-based “Education Network,” and launches its inaugural project

U.S. Secretary of State Warren Christopher and Philippine Foreign Minister Domingo Siazon today announced both the creation of the APEC Education Network, an Internet based network linking all 18 APEC economies, and the launch of its first collaborative scientific project on integrated coastal management.

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November 20, 1996

Twenty years of bird songs: It’s a record filled with scientific high notes

While punk, disco and acid rock have given way to new country, rap and grunge over the last two decades, neuroscientists have been making beautiful science studying the melodies produced by some of nature’s sweetest voices — songbirds.

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November 15, 1996

Seattle gang study shows small minority of teens responsible for more than half of adolescent crime

A small number of teenagers, the 15 percent who join gangs, account for 58 percent of juvenile crime, according to a University of Washington research team that will report its findings on the first study of Seattle youth gangs at the annual meeting of the American Society of Criminology in Chicago on Thursday, Nov.

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New marriage therapy treatment achieves extremely high success rate in pilot study, UW and UCLA psychologists report

A new approach to marital therapy that focuses on acceptance and tolerance appears to be significantly more effective than today’s standard treatment where partners often strive to change each other.

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November 14, 1996

Dental simulators revolutionize training of future dentists

Students at the University of Washington School of Dentistry will no longer practice root canals on dental molds clamped to work benches or held in the palms of their hands. Instead, students will perfect dental techniques on their own “patients”– dental simulators designed to provide a state-of-the-art learning environment that most closely resembles a real-life clinical setting.

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