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November 18, 1997

Engineer behind Mars Sojourner rover to speak at UW

This presentation will cover the highlights of the Mars Pathfinder mission and the design and control of the Sojourner vehicle. It will include pictures taken by the lander and rover, video clips of mission operations, a video containing eight rover movies showing sojourner navigating its way across the Martian surface and a 3-D animated playback of data collected by Sojourner.

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November 13, 1997

First annual “Health of Hanford” conference — scientists gather to report, discuss research findings

The latest research on thyroid disease, wildlife populations, beryllium exposure and Columbia River contamination in the Hanford reach area are among topics to be addressed during a two-day conference Dec. 3 and 4 in Richland, Wash.

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State colleges and universities unite to propose higher education endowment

All 38 of Washington’s public colleges and universities have proposed that the state establish a $500 million public-private partnership to enhance the quality of higher education in Washington.

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The Earth’s mysterious inner core is turning independently, but more slowly than previously thought

The proposition that the Earth’s little understood inner core is a frozen yet white hot globe of curiously laid out iron crystals, spinning independently of the rest of the planet, has been given a boost by a University of Washington researcher.

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November 12, 1997

Drug shows promise in keeping cardiac arrest patients alive until they reach the hospital

A clinical trial performed by University of Washington researchers shows that administering an anti-arrhythmia medication, amiodarone, offers considerable promise in helping to resuscitate cardiac arrest victims.

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November 10, 1997

New endowed professorship will enhance community-focused teaching and research in family medicine.

UW Health Sciences/UW Medicine

A newly established endowed professorship — the first for the University of Washington Department of Family Medicine — will further enhance the already strong links between the academic department and practicing physicians throughout the region.

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University of Washington geneticist clones gene for an inherited form of deafness

A postdoctoral fellow in the laboratory of University of Washington geneticist Dr. Mary-Claire King has succeeded in cloning a gene which, when mutated, causes an inherited form of deafness.

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November 6, 1997

UW professor to coordinate National Science Foundation’s external year 2000 efforts

The National Science Foundation has appointed University of Washington Professor Mark Haselkorn to coordinate its external efforts to address the year 2000 computer problem.

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November 5, 1997

The world’s most detailed weather system gives forecasters a “dramatic” view of local conditions

First it was the Chinese, then the Egyptians who more than 3,000 years ago began studying and predicting the weather. Then in the 16th and 17th centuries meteorology became a science with the invention of instruments to measure the elements. Now a supercomputer is ushering in a new era of high-precision local weather forecasting.

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October 31, 1997

Drug-free depression treatment study looking for Seattle volunteers

Seattle adults seeking a drug-free treatment as an alternative for dealing with depression are needed for a University of Washington study testing two new psychological treatments to deal with the disorder.

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