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March 17, 1997

Juvenile Offenders: Impacts Felt from Courtrooms to Emergency Rooms

Juvenile offenders are much more likely to be hospitalized for an injury than nonoffenders. In a study by the Harborview Injury Prevention and Research Center (HIPRC) and the UW Department of Pediatrics, it was discovered that hospitalization of male juvenile offenders for trauma is more than 2.5 times that of nonoffenders.

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March 12, 1997

UW students to conduct Zero-G experiments

Two teams of UW students will take their laboratories to the air April 7-19 aboard a NASA research aircraft that simulates the reduced gravity of space.

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March 11, 1997

Four UW undergraduates take to the skies by doing research with one of the world’s most advanced telescopes

Katheryn (Katy) Foreman of Portland, Ore., started as a Spanish language major, and now plans a career in radio astronomy. Scott Sullivan of Tacoma began as an electrical engineering major, and now hopes astronomy will prepare him for entry into NASA’s astronaut-training program. Jeffrey (Jeff) Balsley of Issaquah, Wash., was a percussionist studying music, and now his aim is to teach astrophysics. And Marcus Wright of Stanwood, Wash., has traded in his ambition to become a computer scientist, for a future in astronomy.All of these undergraduates clearly have been influenced by their University of Washington education in astronomy. And today they will get a rare hands-on look at the life of a real astronomer.

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March 6, 1997

Coveted Space Grant scholarships to study at the UW are awarded to 28 top students from across the state

Twenty-eight Washington high school students have been awarded Space Grant scholarships to study at the University of Washington. The awards, which are renewable for up to four years, will enable the students to study math, science or engineering.

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Continuing the tradition: Architectural style maintains Harborview’s history and character

The architectural design of Harborview’s two new wings complements the art deco style of the medical center’s original structure, completed in 1931.

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Harborview Medical Center artwork helps with healing

As part of the King County Public Art ordinance, one percent of the Harborview construction projects budget (nearly $1 million) was earmarked for art to enhance the medical center.

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Latest technology a feature of new Harborview facility

The latest patient-care technology is a key component of Harborview Medical Center’s new West Wing, which opened Feb. 3. Built to meet the needs of a Level I trauma center in the 21st century, the West Wing houses a new Emergency Department (ED), operating rooms, intensive care units (ICUs) and clinical laboratories.

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Harborview’s new trauma center: an overview

King County and Harborview Medical Center have formally opened a new, state-of-the-art West Hospital wing that will carry the hospital forward to the 21st century.

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March 5, 1997

University of Washington computing team tops elite universities at international programming contest

Top computer science students from Stanford, MIT and Harvard were no match for a team of three University of Washington students who were runners up at the Association for Computing Machinery’s annual International Collegiate Programming contest Sunday (Mar. 2) in San Jose.

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March 1, 1997

Analysis of clinical trials yields new appreciation of low-dose diuretic therapy for high blood pressure

Diuretics and beta blockers should continue to be first-line treatments for high blood pressure because of their safety and effectiveness, researchers conclude after analyzing a number of clinical trials.

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