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July 18, 1998

Brief scientific background on sulfide chimneys (black smokers)

Sulfide chimneys are pinnacle-shaped structures that form when super-heated seawater, richly charged with metals and volcanic gases, rises into the bitterly cold deep ocean from hot regions below the seafloor.

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UW ocean engineers design unique tools, adapt equipment for seafloor quest

Both specially designed apparatus and off-the-shelf equipment – including three women’s regulation softballs – were part of a suite of devices used successfully to cage and lift four sulfide chimneys from the seafloor off the coast of Washington and British Columbia.

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July 17, 1998

UW proposes budget to prepare students for the future

The University of Washington Board of Regents today approved a budget request for 1999 to 2001 that would allow the University to transform education, building on the strengths and quality of its human resources.

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Two young UW clinical researchers receive grants of $300,000

Two University of Washington faculty members in the Department of Medicine have received Doris Duke Clinical Scientist Awards, the first ever awarded.

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UW Medical Center once again ranked among nation’s Best Hospitals

University of Washington Medical Center is again ranked among the top hospitals in the country, according to U.S. News & World Report’s 1998 annual guide to “America’s Best Hospitals,” available on newsstands July 20.

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School of Nursing names director of de Tornyay Center on Healthy Aging

The University of Washington School of Nursing has named Dr. Linda Teri director of its de Tornyay Center on Healthy Aging. She will also be a tenured professor in the school’s Department of Psychosocial and Community Health.

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July 16, 1998

Trans-Atlantic crossing attempt by Aerosonde aims to prove viability of robotic planes for weather reconnaissance, make aviation history

Following Charles Lindbergh and the Concorde on the well-traveled, trans-Atlantic path to aviation history, researchers next month will attempt the first Atlantic Ocean crossing by an autonomous, civilian aircraft.

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First ever retrieval of complete “black smokers” from ocean floor reveals one of Earth’s strangest and most enigmatic ecosystems

Press briefing to announce results of “black smoker” expedition

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July 15, 1998

Human Interface Technology Lab’s virtual retinal display wins 1998 Discover magazine Technological Innovation Award

The Human Interface Technology (HIT) Laboratory at the University of Washington has received the 1998 Discover Magazine Award for Technological Innovation in the sight category.

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July 14, 1998

Team of University of Washington health sciences students will visit Othello, Wash., area to participate in public service projects

Eight University of Washington (UW) health sciences students, representing a variety of health-care fields, will visit Othello, Wash., Thursday, July 23, and Friday, July 24, to participate in several local health information and public service projects.

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