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May 12, 1998

Seattle area celebrates National Cancer Survivors Day

Smiles, tears, laughter and hugs will be the order of the day when cancer survivors, their families and friends, hospital staff and volunteers gather to celebrate National Cancer Survivors’ Day from 1 to 4 p.m. on Sunday, June 7.

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University of Washington receives another Gold Award from American Academy of Family Physicians

UW Health Sciences/UW Medicine

The University of Washington (UW) was one of seven medical schools in the nation to maintain a three-year average of more than 30 percent of its graduates entering family practice residencies from 1995 through 1997.

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May 11, 1998

Transgenic mice with widest known range of vision among mammals created to investigate human vision problems, evolution of sight

Researchers have succeeded in introducing a gene that produces a human photopigment into laboratory mice, creating transgenic rodents that have the widest known spectral range of vision of any mammal.

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May 8, 1998

UW senior well prepared to live on Greenland glacier

News and Information

Hans-Peter Marshall seems to like the cold.

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May 6, 1998

Most specialists don’t assume primary-care role for older patients even when they are the only source of care

A new study from the University of Washington shows that generalists are much more likely than specialists to act as primary-care providers for their elderly Medicare patients

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May 4, 1998

University of Washington unveils APEC Internet Collaboration Center:

News and Information

The University of Washington unveiled today on Capitol Hill the APEC Internet Collaboration Center-next generation Internet technology that will re-define how international policy is formulated in the Internet Age.

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April 30, 1998

Stroke is Brain Attack. Know the symptoms. Call 911.

Dr. Kyra Becker Dr. David Newell, and their colleagues will embark on an ambitious campaign this month to educate the people of King County about stroke.

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April 27, 1998

Stanford biologist to address politics of global warming in UW lecture

The United Nations-sponsored climate convention in Kyoto last December was a failure, according to an award-winning global warming expert who will deliver the 1998 Evans Lecture at the University of Washington.

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April 24, 1998

Promising nuclear waste management plan earns UW students prize at international competition

A model system for dealing with radioactive wastes earned University of Washington chemical engineering students third prize last week at an international environmental design contest.

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April 22, 1998

UW developing fleet of unmanned airplanes to gather Pacific Ocean weather data needed to improve accuracy of Northwest forecasts

Aeronautical engineering researchers at the University of Washington have been awarded a $456,000 grant from the Office of Naval Research to launch a fleet of unmanned airplanes to gather this missing weather data.

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