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July 16, 1998

First ever retrieval of complete “black smokers” from ocean floor reveals one of Earth’s strangest and most enigmatic ecosystems

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Press briefing to announce results of “black smoker” expedition

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July 15, 1998

Human Interface Technology Lab’s virtual retinal display wins 1998 Discover magazine Technological Innovation Award

The Human Interface Technology (HIT) Laboratory at the University of Washington has received the 1998 Discover Magazine Award for Technological Innovation in the sight category.

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July 14, 1998

Team of University of Washington health sciences students will visit Othello, Wash., area to participate in public service projects

UW Health Sciences/UW Medicine

Eight University of Washington (UW) health sciences students, representing a variety of health-care fields, will visit Othello, Wash., Thursday, July 23, and Friday, July 24, to participate in several local health information and public service projects.

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July 9, 1998

Double lung transplant recipient plans to ride the STP in one day

Almost five years to the day after receiving a double-lung transplant at University of Washington Medical Center, cystic fibrosis patient Ken Price plans to ride in the annual Seattle-to-Portland bicycle trek this weekend.

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July 7, 1998

Young boys who are good readers needed for brain imaging study

Boys, who just completed grades 3 through 6, are eligible to volunteer as subjects for a study investigating dyslexia. Those selected can describe what happened as their brains were imaged while they played sound and meaning games and listened to sound tones.

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Leonardo still lives and he packs an economic punch

The “Leonardo Lives” exhibition at the Seattle Art Museum last fall and winter generated $15.5 million in business activity in King County, supported 314 jobs and created $5 million in labor income, according to an economic impact study conducted by a University of Washington researcher.

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July 1, 1998

Researchers looking for families with multiple dyslexics

University of Washington researchers on a scientific genealogical hunt are looking for 100 families in the Puget Sound area that have a history of dyslexia.

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June 29, 1998

February launch planned for UW mission to collect samples of comet dust

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It might sound like something from a popular science fiction movie, but a University of Washington astronomy professor’s nearly two-decade dream of launching an unmanned spacecraft to collect interstellar dust from a comet is close to coming true.

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June 26, 1998

Project Stardust Facts, Figures, and Timeline

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1929: Hoagy Carmichael publishes the song “Stardust.

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June 25, 1998

Can testosterone improve memory in men? Study provides initial findings

Treating older men with testosterone may help improve spatial and verbal memory, according to a small study conducted at the University of Washington in Seattle.

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