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December 3, 1997

Researchers identify asbestos, beryllium, noise exposure in former nuclear site workers

Many former workers at the Hanford nuclear site in Washington state may be affected by asbestos, beryllium and noise pollution exposure that occurred during their employment.

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December 1, 1997

Wake up during surgery? Chances are reduced with innovative new brain wave monitors at UW Medical Center

It’s every patient’s worst nightmare: the thought of undergoing surgery with inadequate anesthesia; of feeling the cut of the surgeon’s knife, but being unable to tell anyone that you’re not completely unconscious

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November 26, 1997

New role for brain receptor in control of body weight – research findings identify pathway for development of drugs to treat obesity

People who are resistant to the hormone leptin may become obese due to difficulties receiving bloodborne messages that tell their brain to reduce food intake or burn off excessive weight.

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UW engineering students exploring ‘distant planet’ with robots

For the past three weeks, engineering students at the University of Washington have been exploring the “distant planet” of Sram using remote-controlled robots.

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November 25, 1997

Health Source: Medical News from the University of Washington

Medical News from the University of Washington

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November 21, 1997

How little gray cells process sound: they’re really a series of computers

Individual neurons, or brain cells, do not just relay information from one point to another, according to a group of researchers from across the United States who discussed new insights into the process of hearing at a symposium held last month at the Society for Neuroscience’s annual meeting in New Orleans. Instead, they said, each neuron could be compared to a tiny computer that compiles information from many sources and makes a decision based on that information

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November 20, 1997

Coping with twins, triplets — and more: UW Medical Center offers special classes for expectant parents

The impact of multiple births on a family is not additive, it’s exponential. Few parents are prepared for the enormous emotional, physical and financial demands that accompany this phenomenon. To help couples deal with this huge change in their lives, University of Washington Medical Center hosts “Expecting Multiples,” a series of classes for families expecting twins or more.

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UW to establish Center for Molecular Genetic Pathology, using $3.25 million in federal and university funds

Reflecting the emergence of a new research discipline combining human genetics and pathology, the University of Washington School of Medicine will establish a Center for Molecular Genetic Pathology.

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UW physicist earns highest government award

News and Information

Experiments to understand single-bubble sonoluminescence — where a pinpoint of light and extreme temperatures are created inside a tiny bubble when liquids are bombarded with high-pitched sound waves — have earned the University of Washington’s Tom Matula a Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers.

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November 19, 1997

For street kids the streets are mean, but they may be better than home

It isn’t pretty on the streets of Seattle, or any big city, if you are a homeless adolescent. But recent research shows life on the street may be an improvement over what many children face at home.

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