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December 10, 1997

Asian industrial smog: it’s increasingly blowing in the wind across the U.S. West Coast

A new study indicates that about 10 percent of the ozone and other pollutants are arriving from the industrialized nations of East Asia.

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December 9, 1997

Researchers puzzle over the source of mysterious, high-energy X-rays recorded above the Earth

What was found by three graduate students — Kirsten Lorentzen of the University of Washington and Robin Millan and Jason Foat of the University of California at Berkeley — has scientists scrambling for an explanation: an intense stream of X-rays, occurring in seven bursts, each separated by only a few minutes and lasting for a total of half an hour. The evidence was clear that the high energy bursts came not from outer space, but from the Earth’s upper atmosphere.

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December 4, 1997

UW president appoints advisory committee to help search for new dean of School of Public Health and Community Medicine

University of Washington President Richard L. McCormick has appointed a committee to advise him in the search for a new dean of the School of Public Health and Community Medicine.

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Student evaluations don’t get a passing grade: Easy-grading professors get too-high marks, new UW study shows

Just as millions of American college students are about to rate the teaching abilities of their professors this month, a pair of University of Washington researchers say such evaluations are flawed and often misused.

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December 3, 1997

Researchers identify asbestos, beryllium, noise exposure in former nuclear site workers

Many former workers at the Hanford nuclear site in Washington state may be affected by asbestos, beryllium and noise pollution exposure that occurred during their employment.

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December 1, 1997

Wake up during surgery? Chances are reduced with innovative new brain wave monitors at UW Medical Center

It’s every patient’s worst nightmare: the thought of undergoing surgery with inadequate anesthesia; of feeling the cut of the surgeon’s knife, but being unable to tell anyone that you’re not completely unconscious

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November 26, 1997

New role for brain receptor in control of body weight – research findings identify pathway for development of drugs to treat obesity

People who are resistant to the hormone leptin may become obese due to difficulties receiving bloodborne messages that tell their brain to reduce food intake or burn off excessive weight.

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UW engineering students exploring ‘distant planet’ with robots

For the past three weeks, engineering students at the University of Washington have been exploring the “distant planet” of Sram using remote-controlled robots.

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November 25, 1997

Health Source: Medical News from the University of Washington

Medical News from the University of Washington

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November 21, 1997

How little gray cells process sound: they’re really a series of computers

Individual neurons, or brain cells, do not just relay information from one point to another, according to a group of researchers from across the United States who discussed new insights into the process of hearing at a symposium held last month at the Society for Neuroscience’s annual meeting in New Orleans. Instead, they said, each neuron could be compared to a tiny computer that compiles information from many sources and makes a decision based on that information

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