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February 23, 1999

Media advisory: Scientists examining Kennewick Man to meet with news media, public

The panel of six anthropologists and archaeologists that has been appointed to examine the 9,300-year-old remains of Kennewick Man, one of the oldest human skeleton’s found in North America, will meet with and answer questions from the news media and the public in separate sessions this week on the University of Washington campus.

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February 18, 1999

Babies, the greatest learners on Earth, and how they crack the speech code are topic for faculty lecture Feb. 24


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February 17, 1999

Does race affect outcome of criminal cases? Reports portraying juveniles differently lead to tougher sentencing recommendations for blacks

For three decades social scientists have been trying to figure out, with little success, how a person’s race affects the outcome of criminal cases.

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February 16, 1999

Computer simulation reveals nano-switch that regulates cell-binding function of key protein in the body

Flipping a nano-scale molecular switch may regulate the cell-binding function of a protein involved in healing and other fundamental biological activities.

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February 11, 1999

Joblessness, not race, drives rates of violent deaths among working-age Americans in Chicago study

Astudy by University of Washington social demographers indicates all forms of violent death — homicide, accidental death and suicide — are linked to joblessness and its detrimental effects on the formation and stability of families.

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February 5, 1999

New UW research center asks tough questions to help policy makers with decisions about health workforce issues

Researchers at the new WWAMI Center for Health Workforce Studies are looking at the availability, education, distribution, practice patterns and licensing of health professionals as well as many other factors that shape the region’s health workforce.

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February 3, 1999

UWTV to broadcast Stardust media briefing, launch

UWTV will broadcast Saturday’s scheduled launch of Stardust, a NASA mission to collect comet samples and return them to Earth.

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New minimally invasive technique repairs ballooned aorta without major surgery

Doctors at the Veterans Affairs Puget Sound Health Care System and the University of Washington School of Medicine have successfully used an innovative new technique to repair aortic aneurysm, a life threatening ballooning of the body?s main artery.

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February 1, 1999

UW astronomy professor’s Stardust quest set for launch Saturday

It’s a moment University of Washington astronomy professor Donald Brownlee has been awaiting for nearly two decades.

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January 26, 1999

UW symposium to address quality of health care

“Beyond Consumer Protection: Appropriate Public and Private Roles in Quality of Care” is the subject of the University of Washington’s 14th John R.

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