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February 13, 1998

Understanding obesity: Knowledge of weight control leading way for future treatments

PHILADELPHIA — Exercise and diet play an important role in weight regulation, but the true key to weight control lies in understanding and identifying personal quirks in the biological system.

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El Nino expected to shrink spring snowpack, may reduce water supply

Though you wouldn’t guess it by looking at current conditions, snowpacks in the Cascade Mountains are likely to fall significantly below normal levels by late spring, which may affect water supplies, fisheries, agricultural operations and hydroelectric plants which depend on the runoff, University of Washington researchers predict.

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Regents issue statement on diversity

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Statement passed by the UW Board of Regents Friday, Jan. 16, reaffirming their commitment to diversity

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February 10, 1998

New chemical processing technique being studied at UW may hold key to cleaning up Hanford, reducing industrial waste

A new technique for reducing waste from chemical processes involved in everything from petroleum refining to pharmaceutical manufacturing also may hold the key to cleaning up radioactive remains at eastern Washington’s Hanford nuclear site.

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February 9, 1998

Need a solution for that biomedical problem? The answer could lie with mathematics, says researcher

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These days when a biologist, a medical researcher or even a psychologist wants to set up an experiment, the chances are they will contact a mathematician.

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February 4, 1998

Dental Implant Program established at the University of Washington School of Dentistry

The School of Dentistry, in partnership with the National Foundation for Ectodermal Dysplasias, has established a new program to provide dental care for patients affected by ectodermal dysplasias.

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Mysterious fate of vast dissolved organic matter in oceans may be to mitigate the greenhouse effect

Vast amounts of dissolved organic matter in the ocean, once thought to be inert, may play a surprising role in mitigating the greenhouse effect, according to bioengineering researchers at the University of Washington.

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February 2, 1998

It doesn’t add up: First study of talented young mathematicians shows boys out-perform girls

There’s new evidence that when it comes to mathematics, the sexes apparently do not begin school on an equal footing.

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January 30, 1998

How do I love thee? Instead of counting the ways, ‘The Love Test’ offers couples 32 scientific quizzes to measure their relationship

Compiled by two University of Washington sociologists, “The Love Test” is designed to help individuals and couples explore the dynamics of their relationships by using scientifically validated self-quizzes.

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In spite of computers, handwriting instruction is important because of carry-over to composition

When the mechanical process of handwriting is taught in tandem with the more creative process of composition, the result is improvement in both skills, a study of Seattle first-graders shows.

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