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December 17, 1999

New research may help predict when an individual’s HIV infection will progress to clinical AIDS

Newly published research led by University of Washington scientists could one day lead to a laboratory test to predict when people infected with human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) are likely to progress to symptomatic AIDS.

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December 16, 1999

University of Washington medical students training at distant sites gather at Virtual Clinic to work together on case studies

University of Washington (UW) third-year medical students training at distant family medicine sites across a five-state region regularly report to the Red, Blue or Yellow Clinic. These are not actual patient-care settings, but divisions of a Web-based Virtual Clinic, a new learning tool for medical students.

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Evidence mounts for Arctic Oscillation’s impact on northern climate

A growing body of evidence indicates that a climate phenomenon called the Arctic Oscillation has wide-ranging effects in the Northern Hemisphere and operates differently from other known climate cycles.

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December 15, 1999

The ultimate gift of life: Healthy baby born to woman kept on life support for seven weeks at UW Medical Center; organs donated to four recipients

A pregnant woman maintained on mechanical life support for seven weeks after being declared brain-dead has given birth to a baby boy at University of Washington Medical Center in Seattle.

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UW law professor wins international prize for essay on the nature of time

University of Washington law professor Louis Wolcher has received a $15,800 prize in a unique global essay competition involving 2,481 writers from 123 countries. Wolcher’s philosophical treatise on Eastern and Western concepts of time, entitled “Time’s Language,” took second place overall in the first-ever International Essay Prize Contest.

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December 14, 1999

Antibacterial implants could prevent infections, save patients’ lives

University of Washington researchers have developed a method of crafting medical implants from an antibacterial polymer that could prevent thousands of patients from dying of hospital-acquired infections each year.

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December 13, 1999

Physicians-in-training learn how to work in partnership with patients’ families

Across the nation, many physicians-in-training are learning to go beyond the routine family medical history and gain a better understanding of a patient?s family situation.

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Radar mapping could yield new clues to past Antarctic ice stream activity

A new technique using ice-penetrating radar is allowing scientists for the first time to reveal long-ago changes in West Antarctic ice streams, rivers of ice believed to be linked to the stability of the massive West Antarctic Ice Sheet

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Workshops to help public officials prepare for I-695

More than 300 mayors, administrators, finance chiefs and other local officials will attend a daylong workshop Wednesday (Dec. 15) at the University of Washington on how to implement Initiative 695.

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Leroy Hood leaving University of Washington to establish private institute

Dr. Leroy Hood, chairman of the Department of Molecular Biotechnology and William Gates III Professor of Biomedical Sciences, is leaving the UW faculty to form a private Institute for Systems Biology.

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