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March 1, 1999

Labor activists, academics come together for lectures and symposia on strikes

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More than 35 scholars and labor activists will convene at the University of Washington for “Strikes!,” a series of lectures and symposia from March 4 to 6 organized by the UW Center for Labor Studies (CLS).

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High school students test

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Teams from Sedro-Woolley High School claimed first and third places, and a team from Garfield High School placed second Saturday during the state’s Ocean Science Bowl sponsored by the University of Washington’s College of Ocean and Fishery Sciences

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February 23, 1999

Medical Respite Program helps the homeless

“Too sick for the streets, but not sick enough for the hospital” describes homeless people recovering from short-term health problems, such as minor trauma, chemotherapy treatments for cancer, or newly diagnosed chronic diseases.

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Harborview’s House Calls program cited

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Henry J.

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Harborview Pastoral Care receives teaching accreditation

As Harborview Medical Center, the state’s only Level 1 trauma center,
treats the most critically ill and injured patients from throughout the
region, its Pastoral Care staff are committed to tending to the spiritual
and emotional needs of patients and their families.

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Media advisory: Scientists examining Kennewick Man to meet with news media, public

The panel of six anthropologists and archaeologists that has been appointed to examine the 9,300-year-old remains of Kennewick Man, one of the oldest human skeleton’s found in North America, will meet with and answer questions from the news media and the public in separate sessions this week on the University of Washington campus.

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February 18, 1999

Babies, the greatest learners on Earth, and how they crack the speech code are topic for faculty lecture Feb. 24


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February 17, 1999

Does race affect outcome of criminal cases? Reports portraying juveniles differently lead to tougher sentencing recommendations for blacks

For three decades social scientists have been trying to figure out, with little success, how a person’s race affects the outcome of criminal cases.

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February 16, 1999

Computer simulation reveals nano-switch that regulates cell-binding function of key protein in the body

Flipping a nano-scale molecular switch may regulate the cell-binding function of a protein involved in healing and other fundamental biological activities.

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February 11, 1999

Joblessness, not race, drives rates of violent deaths among working-age Americans in Chicago study

Astudy by University of Washington social demographers indicates all forms of violent death — homicide, accidental death and suicide — are linked to joblessness and its detrimental effects on the formation and stability of families.

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