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December 31, 2012

News Digest: Honor: Daniela Witten

Daniela Witten named one of Forbes’ rising stars

Study shows naloxone kits cost-effective in preventing overdose deaths

UW Health Sciences/UW Medicine

Giving heroin users kits with the overdose antidote naloxone can help save lives. Efforts are under way to make similar kits available for prescription opioid users.

In rain and snow at home, Seahawks much more likely to win

News and Information

The Seahawks win four times as many home games as they lose when the weather is inclement, compared to less than two to one when it’s not.

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Baby genome listed in top 10 discoveries in 2012

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Sayonara to sopping year — with one big dry spell

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December 28, 2012

Husky alums influence Northwest wine industry

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Surgery establishes penile sensation in men with spina bifida

UW Health Sciences and UW Medicine

The new procedure may improve the quality of life for men with spinal cord lesions or injuries.

December 27, 2012

Academic medicine has major economic impact on the state and the nation

UW Health Sciences/UW Medicine

The Association of American Medical Colleges reports that its member medical schools and teaching hospitals had a combined economic impact of more than $587 billion in the United States in 2011

December 26, 2012

Piranha kin wielded dental weaponry even T. rex would have admired — with video

News and Information

Taking into consideration size, an ancient relative of piranhas weighing about 20 pounds delivered a bite with more force than prehistoric whale-eating sharks or – even – Tyrannosaurus rex.

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For New Year’s resolutions to stick, plan ahead

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This year, for sure, you will lose weight, quit smoking, drink less, learn a new language, get a better job, and travel to exotic lands. And of course you’re going to eat better, stress less and create (and stick to) a household budget – all while spending more time with the family. It’s gonna happen!

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