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New hires, planning under way for proposed $130 million ocean observatory

By News and Information

May 24, 2007

Peter Barletto, who has more than three decades of experience with submarine cable systems and networks, started work at the University of Washington Monday, joining the project team tasked with developing detailed engineering specifications for a cabled underwater research facility to be built off the coast of Washington and Oregon.

UW students on the case (and on the ship) researching problems in Puget Sound

By Sandra Hines

November 2, 2006

While the Seattle Post-Intelligencer was running a six-part series on problems plaguing Puget Sound, UW undergraduates, graduate students and faculty were at work on board the UW’s 274-foot research vessel gathering information needed to help puzzle out some of the sound’s most pressing problems.

Amazon source of 5-year-old river breath

By Sandra Hines

July 29, 2005

The rivers of South America’s Amazon basin are “breathing” far harde — cycling the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide more quickly — than anyone realized.

Seafloor vent systems may have spawned earliest life

By Sandra Hines

August 7, 2003

Black smoker hydrothermal vent systems may have the fire power, but the staying power of seafloor hydrothermal vent systems like the bizarre Lost City vent field — discovered just two and a half years ago — is one reason they may have been incubators of some of Earth’s earliest life, say UW scientists and their co-authors in a recent issue of Science.

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