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Lost and Found Films: ‘Art and Architecture Pavilion’

Welcome back to 1962, where there is an art exhibit taking place on the UW lawn for this weeks Lost and Found Film, titled Art and Architecture Pavilion. Can you help Hannah Palin, film archives specialist, learn more?

Lost and Found Films: Back to 1958 for ‘Operation Cooperation

This weeks Lost and Found film takes us back to 1958 and folks watching a street parade advertising “Ye Olde Town Meeting” at the Woodland High Gym on Sept. 2. Its a little slice of life from the Eisenhower years.

Lost and Found Films: Halftime hijinx, 1962

Reel back the years with us to the fall of 1962 to watch footage from halftime at a Huskies football game where a trampoline and a particularly daring clown take center stage — that is, field. Anyone know who we were playing, and who the athletes and clowns were?

Lost and Found Films: Glenn Hughes speaks at Johns Hopkins — but why?

Its 1957 and the dapper, well-spoken fellow at the microphone is Glenn Hughes, founding director of the UW School of Drama. Hes at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, but can anyone say why?

Lost and Found Films: ‘Womens Classes, circa 1965

Set your Wayback machines for 1965 again this week as we present this silent, black and white, 96-second film appropriately titled Womens Classes, circa 1965. Anyone know whats going on here?

Lost & Found Films: ‘Coulee Cleanup, Outtakes

Its 1937 in Grand Coulee, Washington. A sign in a store window says, “Were out breaking our backs, tearing down old shacks. Cleaning up our city.” Anyone know any more? Is this film related to the UW?

Lost and Found Film: ‘Kazakh Reel 6

Scenes of village life are featured in this weeks film, “Kazakh Reel 6,” but can you help with the location, who is depicted, and why it was filmed?

Lost and Found Films: ‘The American Dream, 1965

Still images of famous people and the titles “The American Dream” and “The Living End?!” make for an odd little film. Can you help Hannah Palin, UW film archives specialist, figure out who made this and why?

Lost and Found Films: ‘UW Penthouse, circa 1956

Scenes from the UW Penthouse Theatre as it was in 1956. Hannah Palin, film archives specialist with UW Libraries Special Collections,is looking for any information available. Can you help?

Lost and Found Films: ‘University District, circa 1965

Two young women walk in the University District in about 1965, apparently shopping. But what are they shopping for, and why was the film made? Hannah Palin, film archives specialist with UW Libraries Special Collections, is looking for any information available. Can you help?

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