Giving back after a gift of life

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October 14, 2010

UW Medicine patient Turner Prewitt talks about his “second life” following a heart transplant:

I was given the “gift of life,” a new heart on Aug.

15 minutes with your doctor: Make the time worthwhile

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December 10, 2009

Remember the last time you saw your primary-care doctor? Do you also recall whether you walked out of the clinic fully understanding the diagnosis and, if the doctor prescribed medication, how it was supposed to help?

With health care access in the news, it is useful to examine how to get the most value from a doctor’s visit.

Crispin Thurlow

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May 31, 2007

You could say teaching is in Crispin Thurlow’s blood.

Alex Coverdill

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Students seem to respond to environments that are relaxed and open, where they can pitch out ideas without fear that their peers will think less of them, according to Alex Coverdill, doctoral student in biology and one of this year’s Excellence in Teaching Award recipients.

Jan Spyridakis

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Jan Spyridakis, of the College of Engineering’s Department of Technical Communication, is the kind of professor who can inspire students in a spirited discussion of an unlikely topic — syntax and semantics.

Dawn Williams

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In 1990, Dawn Williams was a recent business school grad who wanted to reconnect with the University.

David Goldstein

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For many, David Goldstein is a natural choice as recipient of a 2007 Distinguished Teaching Award.

Deborah Flores

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You know you’ve come to a challenging work environment when, shortly after you arrive, resignations leave you with a skeleton staff of strangers and you have to put yourself on the payroll because no one else knows how.

Erasmo Gamboa

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Erasmo Gamboa spends a lot of time on the golf course, but he’s not trying to improve his handicap.

Minh-An Nguyen

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Minh-An Nguyen, 21, majoring in biochemistry and chemistry, has been named a President’s Medalist – the outstanding student to complete at least three-fourths of her education at the UW.

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