Project uses Internet as tool for diabetes management

By Susan Gregg-Hanson

November 6, 2003

Seeking to realize the full potential of the emerging field of e-health – the use of interactive technologies to improve health behavior and disease management –the UW School of Medicine is one of 18 sites to have been awarded a grant by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation through its Health e-Technologies Initiative national program.

Things Families Can Do to Cope with Post-September 11 Reactions

By Susan Gregg-Hanson

September 6, 2002

After exposure to traumatic events, such as last year’s Sept. 11 tragedy, it is common and normal to have unsettling feelings, thoughts and behaviors. As media feature post-Sept. 11 articles and programs, your sense of safety and security may leave you feeling vulnerable and insecure in your environment

Fluid forces within the body help invasive bacteria

By Susan Gregg-Hanson

June 27, 2002

Researchers at the University of Washington have learned that something most people take for granted is not true: that the force of fluids within the human body helps to break the adhesive bonds of invasive bacteria and counterbalance infection.

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