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Anderson studies brain stimulation for Parkinson’s

If two renegade violins started quietly playing “Ode to Joy” during Beethoven’s “Fifth Symphony,” some audience members might sense a problem.

Putting bone-marrow stem cells to work in muscles


General Clinical Research Center support renewed for five years

The UW General Clinical Research Center (GCRC) has received a five-year grant renewal for $36 million from the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Computer analysis finds patterns in viral RNA

Medical and health sciences researchers frequently conduct studies in vivo, within the body, or in vitro, in a test tube.

Toward a vaccine for herpes


Microtubules and chromosomes: The Science in Medicine Lecture

For many years molecular biologists have watched the process of cell division under the microscope.

Traumatic brain injuries: Finding ways to reduce the damage

Each year 1.

Understanding how magnesium moves

Man doth not live by bread alone, but also by sodium, calcium, potassium, and magnesium.

Understanding hormones that regulate body weight

A baseball pitcher warming up in the bullpen, an actress’ understudy and an airplane copilot, are all back-ups capable of performing an essential function when needed.

Hardwiring brain circuits

First Science in Medicine Lecture Sept. 26 with Robert Hevner

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