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August 12, 1998

UW Medical Center opens Iron Overload Clinic

Hemochromatosis — also called iron overload syndrome — is the most common genetic disease in the United States, affecting approximately 1 in 300 people. If caught at an early stage, patients with hemochromatosis can live a normal, healthy life. A new clinic to help identify and treat hemochromatosis has opened at University of Washington Medical Center.

July 23, 1998

Surgical Dynamics endows spine-research chair at UW School of Medicine

Surgical Dynamics today announced that it will establish the Surgical Dynamics Endowed Chair for Spine Research at the University of Washington School of Medicine.

June 25, 1998

Can testosterone improve memory in men? Study provides initial findings

Treating older men with testosterone may help improve spatial and verbal memory, according to a small study conducted at the University of Washington in Seattle.

April 8, 1998

Weight loss, not weight gain, a health risk for older adults

Being overweight later in life does not pose a significant risk to your health, according to findings of a comprehensive study published in the April 1998 issue of the American Journal of Public Health. On the contrary, it appears that weight loss is far more unhealthy in those 65 and older.

March 19, 1998

Cost, use of health services is not affected by physician compensation: a study of Washington state medical groups/managed care organizations

Whether by productivity or by salary, the way in which primary care physicians are compensated in medical groups does not appear to affect the cost or amount of health services for patients

February 27, 1998

International dental symposium to focus on caries and periodontal disease

New knowledge about caries and periodontal disease and its impact on daily dental practice will be examined during the Third Washington Dental Service Foundation Distinguished Professorship Symposium, May 21 and 22, at the Four Seasons Olympic Hot el in Seattle.

February 4, 1998

Dental Implant Program established at the University of Washington School of Dentistry

The School of Dentistry, in partnership with the National Foundation for Ectodermal Dysplasias, has established a new program to provide dental care for patients affected by ectodermal dysplasias.

December 3, 1997

Researchers identify asbestos, beryllium, noise exposure in former nuclear site workers

Many former workers at the Hanford nuclear site in Washington state may be affected by asbestos, beryllium and noise pollution exposure that occurred during their employment.

November 26, 1997

New role for brain receptor in control of body weight – research findings identify pathway for development of drugs to treat obesity

People who are resistant to the hormone leptin may become obese due to difficulties receiving bloodborne messages that tell their brain to reduce food intake or burn off excessive weight.

November 19, 1997

New simulator technology to give surgeons ‘feel’ of really operating

Surgical students soon will be able hone their skills with simulators that for the first time present a realistic feel of performing surgery thanks to a research project under way at the University of Washington. The project also could improve patient care by leading to the development of instruments that enhance surgeons’ sense of touch.

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