UW Today

Device promises nutrition diagnosis in minutes

A new plasma pencil promises to give nutrition status in minutes that used to take 24 hours, and could improve health in developing world.

Free college preparation for high-school students with disabilities

High-school students who need help due to disability can apply for a special program with mentoring and support for their college prep.

Big step forward for safety of bionic contact lenses

Bionic eye steps closer to reality.

UW engineers help team with nano discovery

Nano discovery could lead to lower-power memory in the future

Paper uncovers power of Foldit gamers strategies

Studying gamers who use Foldit helps researchers study the power of their strategies

Turning slash piles into soil benefit

Students of the University of Washington have teamed up on a startup that promises to turn slash piles of forest refuse into biochar, a commodity for sale to landscapers, farmers and gardeners.

New leader for electrical engineering

The UW Department of Electrical Engineering has appointed a new chairman, Vikram Jandhyala, professor of electrical engineering.

Dieter Fox to co-lead new Intel Science and Technology Center

UW computer scientist Dieter Fox will co-lead an Intel Science and Technology Center that will focus on “pervasiveā€ computing, which aims to incorporate computing and sensing into everyday devices and environments.