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Mini-Medical School begins Feb. 3

UW Medicine’s Mini-Medical School, a six-session evening program offered each year at the UW, will begin on Feb.

Enthusiastic audiences attend Martin Luther King Jr. tributes

Programs at Harborview Medical Center on Jan.

Health Science G&H Wing renovation completed

All of the corridors are open, the courtyard between Pacific Street and the I wing is being replanted, and finishing touches will make the labs and offices ready for move-in by the end of the month.

Krebs Lecture to mark birthday and new pharmacology professorship

The School of Medicine’s Department of Pharmacology will present the 21st Annual Edwin G.

Construction workers take science breaks

“I’ll be in rooms H-204 and H-210,” said Assistant Professor Jane Sullivan with a smile, “so those are really important rooms to work on.

Neurobiology & Behavior students reach out

& George Martinez
Graduate School

Hirofumi Watari, known as Hiro, noted that it was his fellow graduate student Jonathan Ting, now a post-doc at Duke, who saw the potential of forming an outreach organization of graduate students in the Neurobiology & Behavior Program, one of 13 interdisciplinary programs administered by the Graduate School.

Amazon rainforest is site for continuing education program

A lodge in the Amazon rainforest will be the unusual location for a continuing education program next March sponsored by the UW Schools of Pharmacy, Medicine and Nursing.

UW dermatologists ‘zap’ unwanted skin art

If you are determined to get a tattoo, Dr.

Research group helps protect artistic vision

Artists have vision, creativity, often a unique world view, and the courage to pursue their work in a society that isn’t always supportive.

Demolition of Health Sciences Building’s G&H wings in progress

Before work on new systems and interiors can begin, the old ones have to be demolished.

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