UW News

March 30, 2015

Three UW programs make top 10 in LinkedIn’s graduate school program rankings

UW News

The University of Washington has three programs in the top 10 on LinkedIn’s rankings of university graduate school programs based on job outcomes in some select fields.

The UW’s graduate program for software developers (ranked third), designers (fourth) and accounting professionals (seventh) were in the top 10 in their fields.

“By analyzing the employment patterns of over 347+ million LinkedIn members from around the world, we were able to determine which graduate schools are the most successful in launching their graduates into successful careers at desirable companies,” LinkedIn’s official blog explained. “In other words, these rankings are based not on what happens before or during school, but the career outcomes that follow graduation.”

The rankings of graduate programs released today follow the site’s undergraduate university program rankings from last fall, in which the UW ranked fifth for designers and seventh for software developers.