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January 30, 2015

Three UW conservation scientists awarded new Wilburforce Fellowship

UW News

Three members of the UW College of the Environment are among the first 20 recipients of a Wilburforce Fellowship, a new year-long training for conservation scientists in Western North America. The year-long program provides communication and leadership training to help build a community of conservation scientists and encourage them to reach beyond the scientific audiences.

The three UW fellows are:

  • Jonathan Bakker, an associate professor in the UW’s School of Environmental and Forest Sciences who works on the restoration of prairie, shrub and forest ecosystems, and assists with long-term monitoring of national parks.
  • Meade Krosby, a research scientist with the UW’s Climate Impacts Group. Her work includes assessing climate change impacts on species and ecosystems, and planning for connected ecosystems across the U.S.-Canada border.
photos of three researchers

Jonathan Bakker, Meade Krosby and Lauren Urgenson

Fellows will attend a week-long training in Seattle in April and then will interact throughout the year and beyond. The program will include working with communications trainers and with local and national environmental reporters. The fellowship is funded by Seattle’s Wilburforce Foundation and delivered in partnership with COMPASS.

Other local fellows include Robert Long, a wildlife biologist at the Woodland Park Zoo, and Regina Rochefort, a science advisor at the North Cascades National Park Service Complex. See here for a list of all the new fellows.