UW News

August 30, 2012

Official Notice: Financial Conflict of Interest Policy

GIM-10 and GIM-7 are now revised to ensure compliance with the new Public Health Service financial conflict of interest regulations.

Investigators are expected to be in full compliance of the revised GIM-10 as of Aug. 24. Implementation systems and processes, such as the financial interest disclosure system and financial conflict of interest training, can be accessed through the financial conflict of interest website. While the revision of UW policies and development of a new disclosure system were required for the UW to be in compliance with Public Health Service regulations, the UW recognizes that feedback is needed to best convey disclosure system and policy-related information effectively. Comments and questions are welcomed to help reach this goal, contact the Office of Research at research@uw.edu.

To stay apprised of system and process enhancements, please continue to periodically review the financial conflict of interest website.